Why Does Sump Pump Overflow Sometimes?

Sometimes you might not need to worry about sump pump overflowing. The equipment is sturdy, and you have maximally taken all the precautions and care severally. Don’t be that determined; something might go wrong.

Causes Of Sump Pump Overflows?

In case the drainage mechanism downstairs will fail, do you have an idea on what to do when sump pump overflows take place?

All you need to do is know how your sump pump functions and the way you should troubleshoot it. The sump pump has many parts, and when you know how to troubleshoot, you will save the basement from facing severe water damages.

If you don’t know, even the best pumps will eventually go bad, and earlier preparations are better.

In case you come to face best sump pump overflow, here are different steps you should consider:


  • It is essential to ensure that your sump pump has power for backup purposes. It will be vital in case yoy are having power outages.
  • On the other hand, if there is power, but the pump doesn’t turn on, you need to check at it’s tripped circuit or even blown a fuse. The best thing is to consider getting a battery backup system that will keep your sump pump running during the power outages.

Resetting the Unit

  • You can also reset the unit during overflow. Start by pulling the plug of the sump pump. You allow the unit to sit for some minutes before plugging it back and activate the mechanism.
  • In case the trick works, it will be better you take your sump pump for services to a qualified technician.

Restarting Your Motor

The other essential step you can consider is restarting your sump pump motor. If you want to restart the motor, you have to lift the cover and then pull upwards. In case it doesn’t restart the motor, it could, therefore, be a mechanical failure.

Checking The Float Switch

  • Sometimes, the water seeps inside the plastic housing of its float switch through the punctures and tiny cracks.
  • Start by inspecting the float to see whether there are signs of wear and the brackets have to move freely. So, you might be forced to replace your float switch.

Inspect The Valve

  • A valve is an essential component in the water removal system. This is the component that is also referred to as the sump pump overflow valve. The valve plays a vital role because it will prevent the water that you pump from flowing back into your basin.
  • You have to check debris in the valve and clean if there is a buildup. Sometimes, it will be better for you to remove your pipe over your valve so that you can easily access the bad clogs.

Final Words

You have to ensure that you stay safe by protecting your property. If the basements flood, they will have black water, and you need to call for a competent and skilled water restoration company. You have to maintain your sump pump so that you avoid experiencing overflow. In case you don’t find it safe with overflow in your basement, call your city so that they turn the utilities off.


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