What You Should Know About Tubular Balustrades

The balustrade has become one of the most common design solutions to secure and enclose balconies, decks and other open areas that pose a safety risk. Most open spaces offer beautiful views of surrounding wildlife, a swimming pool or landscaped garden and should not be obscured with harsh fencing. Tubular balustrades offer exceptional durability and functional style to create a tough barrier that will enhance and not detract from the space.

What are Tubular Balustrades

Tubular balustrades are constructed from rust resistant aluminium incorporating different dimensions and sizes to best maintain and secure spaces. Stairways, balconies and railing around a swimming pool are the most common applications when renovating a property. The tube design consists of vertical, horizontal or customised rails between posts that offer a barrier design without completing obstructing the view.

Aluminium and steel are materials used in the manufacture of railings proving tough and resistant against external weather conditions and general wear and tear. The balusters consist of vertical tubes that are constructed in specific sizes to best enclose a designated area. Posts are used to secure the balustrade without loss of aesthetic quality and offers a high standard of durability over time.

The tubular balustrade is also referred to as a railing system consisting of bars that are vertically, horizontally, diagonally or custom created to suit a specific style. Each bar or slat appears as a tube owing to the name of the design and can include a wide variety of design options developed to meet with personal preference and function. It is important that the product is constructed of a high grade material and never to settle for a lack of quality construction.

The Benefits of Installing Tubular Balustrades

Professional installation of a balustrade ensures that its specifications best fit property requirements from its form to its practicality. Experts in manufacture and installation will take into account every functional need without losing on the design appeal and value that it offers. The application of seamless design and reinforced balustrade will prevent poor construction and ensure it provides maximum levels of protection.


The tubular balustrades are desired by many property owners because it is readily available and flexible styles make custom jobs easy to complete. These ranges look modern and stylish when surrounding indoor or outdoor staircases with a high shine metallic edge that cannot be duplicated and proves most appealing. Commonly referred to as a railing balustrade, the posts are often thicker than the infill to provide clear views without loss if security and reinforcement.

Improves Property Value

Reliance on a professional service ensures that all types of tubular balustrades comply with safety regulations and a high standard of workmanship. From the selection of material to the application of design, these barriers are installed to enhance the aesthetics of the select features and spaces while delivering practical results. Quality installation will add value and appeal to any type of property.


The reinforced and stylish barriers are placed around open areas where there may be risk of slipping or falling at a considerable height or into a swimming pool. Stairs, decks and open balconies are enclosed with the tube design without feeling completely enclosed or taking away from any of the open and surrounding views. Reinforced posts and the choice of aluminium or steel will keep structures well positioned while protecting residents from hazards.


The construction and installation of tubular balustrades in different sizes and styles prove most cost effective for home requirements. These features are strong and well crafted proving cost effective for property owners who wish to secure and enhance designated spaces without the expense. A professional quotation will determine the most affordable options for homes based on an inspection of the area that requires secure enclosures.

Rust Resistant

The most common material applied in the construction of balustrade is aluminium because of its cost effective, lightweight qualities and natural rust resistance. These features are considered most favourable as it leaves property owners with little maintenance contributing to the practicality and favourability of these styles. The strong consistency of these fences prevent against easy breakage and proves tough against exposure to many harsh environmental conditions.

Beautiful Design Solutions

Trusting the design and installation of tubular balustrades to a professional installation and manufacturing company ensures high quality results. Balustrade can be styled to suit customer preferences without losing on its functionality or modern craft when renovating a property. The product range includes a resistant and smooth aluminium design that is affordable and offers the most practical options.


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