What Are The Different Types Of Fireplace That Are Available To You?

Choosing a fireplace is something that you will want to put a lot of time and effort into because after all, the fireplace is not just designed to keep you warm. It is also designed to make your living room look even more stylish than it already is.

There will be a style to suit every taste, so all you have to do is take your time. Each house is going to suit a different fireplace. For example, you will want to match a Victorian house with fireplaces in East Yorkshire that look like they came from the same era. You will want to make sure that a newly-built house filled with the latest 21st-century technology also has a fire that matches these standards.

When people come around to your house, they will not be able to take their eyes off your brand new fireplace. They might even ask you for advice about which kind of fireplace they should have installed in their own homes. What are the different types of a fireplace that are available for you to buy?

Cast Iron

When your house is a small Victorian cottage or a house that was built in the 1920s, you want to buy a fireplace that matches with the overall surroundings. This means that you should strongly consider having a cast iron fireplace installed by a professional company.

The beauty of cast iron is that it can be moulded into many decorative shapes. When you are inspecting the fireplaces, you will be able to decide whether you want a simple design or whether you want something that is much more ornate.

The cast iron could be moulded into the shapes of flowers or other objects. This creates a centrepiece for the room and draws everyone’s attention to it.


Limestone looks extremely stylish and you will spend less money on this kind of fireplace than if you invest in something like cast iron or marble. One of the main benefits of limestone is that it is extremely easy to clean, which means that you will not have to spend a lot of time on upkeep.

Instead, you will be able to relax and admire the beauty of your new fireplace.


Marble fireplaces are the ultimate in luxury and you will be thrilled once the fireplace has been installed in your home. There are several different types of marble that you can choose from. You might want to have white marble installed because this will reflect light and makes the fireplace look immaculate. You can also choose darker colours for the marble fire. A black or grey fireplace will have a lot of gravitas.


You can buy timber fireplaces which have been treated with a special chemical. This ensures that they are not going to catch fire. Choose a style that is going to make your living room look rustic.

When you are selecting a fireplace, there are lots of styles to choose from.


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