Ways To Increase Your Home Showings

It is necessary to increase the visiting traffic when you are trying to sell your home in FazWaz UAE. The amount you stipulated may not be the reason you are not receiving enough showings, though they play a crucial part.

It could also be as a result of excess inventories on the market. Buyers have a lot of options to select from, and this could be a real issue when the exterior view of your home looks almost the same with other homes in the neighborhood.

Make Your Home Easy To Show

Your MLS listing has to read “Call first, lockbox.” This notation guarantees that you will know when an agent or a buyer is coming around to show your home. An agent is likely to show another listing because it is less problematic and easier.

Don’t expect your agent to be present to show the house, because he or she can’t always be available 24hrs a day to handle all the listing in person.

Add A Lockbox

This tool allows an agent to show the property when you are not around. The buyer’s agent could go directly to show the property and leave a message, since the keys to the house are dropped in the box.

If you lived in a gated complex, you could put the box near or on the gate outside, with the gate code inside. Most of these lockboxes comprise of provisions where an agent has to make a call to get the code to open the box.

Offer A Drawing And Cater Lunch For A Brokers Tour

It is common for listing agents to take up the responsibility of paying for a catered lunch in most areas. Generally, a buyer’s agent would move around the home, taking note of details that a quick tour would miss. You should also consider offering game tickets to buyer’s agents that stop by for lunch, or a drawing for a gift certificate.


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