Visual deterrents to prevent burglary at home

I have always been very security conscious and get quite worried when I go away on holiday that my house is insecure and likely to be a target for burglars who look out for signs of houses being empty. So this year I have increased my attempts at making the house look more protected without actually going to the lengths of installing an alarm system. I chose this option because it is believed that if a burglar thinks there is an alarm installed he or she is likely to move on to somewhere which looks less protected.

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It is not uncommon nowadays for houses to have cameras dotted around the outside of the property. Nowadays these cameras can be quite discreet things but that is not what I want, I want something that is highly visible. I also don’t want the job of wiring things up so I looked around for a dummy CCTV camera. I found one on which fits the bill nicely.

The ESP CAM 2001 Dummy Camera not only looks very realistic but has a built in Flashing LED & Junction Box. The LED is driven by a long life battery held in the junction box and so gives all the indications that it is actually a fully functioning camera. At £38.50 +VAT it is reasonable enough to be able to install one at the front and back of the house.


Even better is to finish off this simple installation with a warning sign saying “Recording in progress” and that should hopefully be enough to make a potential burglar think again before going further and risk being caught. At just over £100 including VAT this is a really cost effective and easy to install setup which offers some peace of mind when leaving the house empty or going away on holiday.


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