Using Social Media to Market your Interior Design Firm

Social media are helpful tools that can make a difference in how your possible clients will find you. But you don’t just use these tools without making an effort. To make the most out of your social media marketing, you have to find websites that will give you the most benefits. Here are some tips that can help gain maximum advantage when marketing your interior design firm through social media channels.

Look for Websites with Photos

Interior designers promote themselves by showing off their interior design creations. Possible clients can only see how good your firm is if you don’t show them pictures of your previous and current projects. Consider Pinterest to help you connect with possible clients. Make use of images for showing your works’ quality, flavor and style. Use the website to feature your best work, decorating tips and new ideas.

Moreover, if you want to connect with possible clients on a personal level, consider using Instagram. The website lets you post recent projects and trends as well as photos from your workplace. A lot of people wish to connect with interior designers before hiring them.

Showcase Work Videos

If you want to take advantage of a golden opportunity, use YouTube to share your videos. This social media channel lets you show off those rooms your firm designs in real time. Also, you can create videos for home decorating and share them with internet users. This helps your clients know what your firm can do for them. You try to connect to them by providing information applicable to their own lives.

Search for the Right Groups of Audience

Facebook allows you to look for your target groups including those who need to carry out home renovations or are building their new homes. Also, you can post pictures and videos on Facebook to showcase your firm’s best works.

Make Visually-Appealing Advertisements

A lot of industries have been taking advantage of social media ads. But ads can only attract people if they are appealing enough. Also, you have to ensure you post ads on the right website so that you get the most effective return on your investment.  For this purpose, Facebook is an awesome tool.

Attract Customers by Hosting Contests

After adding your social media websites, try to get people’s attention by holding a contest. You can give a free design or redo to those who meet certain criteria. Also, you can give something people can add to their space to complement your envisioned design.


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