Truest Choices for the best Air Conditioning Repair

The installers and air conditioner repairers meet almost every day with various inquiries from air conditioning users about problems and how to solve them. Sometimes the problem can be detected and corrected by the user himself, but most often it is necessary to call an authorized service technician to troubleshoot and effectively resolve the problem.To help you do this, here’s a list of frequently asked questions, problems, and tips:

Why The Air Conditioner Cannot Be Turned On?

Sometimes it is only necessary to check the power supply – the device may be unplugged. Also, batteries in the remote control may need to be checked at times, maybe exhausted and need to be recharged/replaced.

If none of the above is the case, you will need the assistance of a service technician to check the signal receiver and the electronics of the air conditioner. With the right aircon services you can have the best deal.

Why Are The Air Conditioner Not Cooling / Heating?

Check the air conditioner filter – if it is dirty and clogged, the unit may be obstructed by airflow and will not cool / heat.

You can easily remedy this yourself, and it is recommended that you clean the filter on a monthly basis if the device is used continuously. If this is not the case, you will definitely need professional help.

There may have been a leak,0 a lack of refrigerant gas.

Why From Water Water Inner / Outdoor Unit Air Conditioner?

If water is dripping from the indoor unit, first check the position of the wing. If, when cooling or dehumidifying, the wings are in the air exhaust position almost vertically downwards, place the wings with the remote control in a different, higher air exhaust position. If this is not the case, you will probably need professional help. When dripping from the indoor unit, the condensation hose may be clogged, cracked or bent. It is also possible that as a result of the lack of refrigerant gas, ice is generated on the evaporator of the indoor unit, which causes the drip to melt. The tub in which water is collected in the indoor unit may also be damaged. It is also possible that the indoor unit is incorrectly / incorrectly mounted, where the condensate drain does not have a free fall. When dripping from an outdoor unit, the condensation tube, and the pan of the outdoor unit or the condensate drain pipe are most often clogged.

Why Does Noise On The Internal / External Unit Unit When Operating The Air Conditioner?

Unnatural noise is considered to be noise on the indoor/outdoor unit higher than declared, and specific sounds that indicate the fault of a particular part of the unit. Unfortunately, you will not be able to locate or remedy the problem with the air conditioner yourself without the help of a qualified technician.

If noise occurs on the indoor unit, it is usually a failure on the fan motor.If the noise occurs on the outdoor unit, it is likely that the fan motor is malfunctioning, but the cause of the noise may be pipe jams, a lack of cooling gas, or a problem with the compressor.


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