Trends In Home Refurbishment Are Pretty Amazing!

Thanks to Info-graphic courtesy of Newline Construction a west London builders company, some amazing trends have emerged about home refurbishment. According to the info available, around 75% homeowners invested in refurbishment projects with an intention of improvement, while only 42% were interested in repairs and maintenance. It is also interesting to note that around 41% of all homeowners liked to hire a contractor for their projects, while 25% mixed the services of a contractor with their own efforts. No wonder, DIY home improvement is getting popular, but contractors are going to remain relevant in this market.

As far as budget is concerned, people who relied on savings often were more in budget than those who had used credit or loans. Around 85% people were interested in these projects, with the intention of selling the house. This clearly indicates that sellers now that well-maintained homes can always fetch a better price in the market. Also, 80% people were clearly using their savings for such projects, which kind of sends a signal about the increasing rates of interest. Nevertheless, homeowners surely have started to take their home improvements seriously, and the trends will continue to evolve, as the buyer demands increase over the time.


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