Tips To Help To Decide Where You Should Live In Escazu

Escazu is a place located in Costa Rica. It is also called as Beverly Hills of Costa Rica. It is near San Jose. It is the best place for the tourists to enjoy the cool climate. The city is a mix of modern culture and the tropical culture. The mansions, villas and the living are highly luxurious and comfortable for the modern people.

One can the old houses, buildings and also the huge shopping malls, schools, hospitals. The hill view from the mountains is quiet interesting and people enjoy the climate, scenery and nature everywhere, which attracts people to purchase houses in that city.

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Tips To Decide the Place to live in Escaru

  • Guachipeli­n is one of the place situated in Escazu. This area is full of hotels, big supermarkets, shopping malls, multiplex so this will be the best place for the people who usually prefer luxurious stay.
  • If someone wanted to have a good rich, cost of living and facilitated with all brand markets around with the biggest shopping malls in their locality, then one can choose to live in San Rafael. People can find food, coffee shops, stores and educational institutions in every street.
  • To have a peaceful and secure life in Escazu, you should go for Escazu Condos. It is one of the best and safest place for the people who usually travel around all the time. They need not to worry about their home and just pack luggage and leave for travel.
  • People who do not want to live in society or apartments, then they can stay in big mansions situated in Escazu. People have many choices in a city like Escazu and enjoy their stay full on to their expectations.
  • Trejos Montealegre is one of the best place to stay, we can find pharmaceutics, banks, clubs, barbeques, transport facility, hospitals, wide streets, branded supermarkets, Escazu is just like any city in America, well developed and people loves to stay there.
  • San Antonio is a hill station place. Here the cost of living is much affordable than the other places, since it is little far from the city. It is the best place for people who wanted to live in rural places and not much interested with city life.
  • Avenida Ezcazu this place has the largest hospital facility, also the most famous Marriot hotel, we can find people do business in the same building where offices are located, a movie theatre famous for art is also situated, and large supermarkets are famous in this place.
  • Guachipelín is the new part in Escazu, where one can find a wide range of cost to buy a plot, as per their requirement one can afford to buy a plot and can enjoy the all amenities that one is looking for a great place to stay. Citizens can find different type of houses according to the size of their family and comforts.

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