Tips to choose shingles colors for Roof replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan

Gone are those days when asphalt shingles were available only in single color. Nowadays shingles are available in different colors, which look good and contribute a lot to enhancing the exterior beauty of your sweet home. Are you planning on roof replacement recently? If yes, check out the color options available in shingles variety so that you can check the availability of them in the market of Ann Arbor Michigan and neighborhood.

Check the style

You need to select the style of shingles according to the architecture of your home. You need to decide if the straight ones look good or the random cut stony look tiles will be more befitting of your house style! If you are planning to go for roof replacement Ann Arbor Michigan, hire an experienced roofer from your local market and check with him the best possible options o shingles so that your property looks better and the reinstalled roof gets the better scale of durability.

Consider climate of your area

Count on the local climate and ask from your roofer the impact of sunlight on the shingles. But in general notion take a note on these two points:

  • Dark colored shingle-variants can absorb heat better but light colored variants can reflect light and heat better.
  • If you are located in a humid climate, you need to select algae-resistant shingles. It will help in preventing unwanted algae growth of the roof.

Finalize the colors of shingles meticulously

It is rightly said by home decorators that colorful ambiance of the property sets the mode of merriment around and it increases property value too. While you are ready to select shingles’ colors on your personal perception, take a note of these points too:

  • Want to add a rustic and vintage look to your property? Warm and earthy tones are the best option in your hand.
  • Want to add intense drama to your home and related ambiance? Select between white, black, or gray colors or a balanced combo of these three colors, it will create a new sensation in your residential ambiance. If you want to add classic elegance to your house walls, monochromatic colors of roof shingles will offer you great effect.
  • Lighter colors of shingles can add special effect to your home. For example, sandy grey, aqua blue, dusty brown, pastel blue, etc. are good in their effect and reflects the personal mood of the homeowner.

These are some of the tips for selecting colors and style of asphalt shingles for your home. Post selection, check your shortlisted options with your hired roofer and plan for the new roof replacement project for best ROI.


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