Things to know while packing to move to a new place

Moving to a new place is hard as it is, and the stress of packing only adds to it. It can be difficult for anyone to leave behind their old surroundings, and settle into a new one.

With Nestaway, however, the process has been made easier. The most difficult part about moving to a new city is finding the best place to live in, both economically and comfort-wise. Nestaway provides a list of all the apartments, family flats & single room on rent in Sector 135 Noida and other urban areas. After selecting the best option for you, your focus has to turn to the moving process itself.

The process of packing can also be extremely tiring; but finding an apartment for rent in Sector 135, Noida isn’t,thanks to apps like Nestaway. When you move to a new place, you have to bring along everything that made your life comfortable. So, in the interest of reducing your burden while moving let’s take a look at a few packing tips to help you move quickly.


Perhaps the most important step in packing, it plays the biggest part in reducing your burden. Look around your home, and get rid of everything you will not require at your new place. Years of living in a place results in an accumulation of unwanted articles, something which the residents always ignore and let be. At the time of moving, however, it is not a wise idea to take all this junk to the new place- you’re never going to use it anyway. Also, be ruthless with your stuff; if it is something you have never used in months, you’re probably never using it again. Instead of throwing out all this stuff, you can choose to donate it- that way, at least someone uses the articles.

Create a master list

Moving time is always hectic- after all, you’re moving your life out of a place. You end up with a million things to do and remember, which adds to the stress and tires you out quickly. So create a to-do list, which helps you organize the process accordingly. Write down everything in this list, even if it may seem trivial. This reduces the amount of details you ave to remember, and take away most of the stress of moving day.

Get original boxes for electronics

You might think that the expensive flat screen TV can withstand the drive between home in a fragile cardboard box, and it might be true; but why take the risk? The best way to transport fragile electronic items would be to put it in its original box, as it was designed to withstand the rigor of transportation. Moreover, the boxes may still contain the cushioning from when the item was purchased.

Schedule disconnections

Another aspect of moving between home is the process associated with disconnecting all your existing connections, including the internet, phone lines and cooking gas. Make sure to give the providers at least a week’s notice of your disconnection, so that you do not face any problems towards the end. Also, return any set top boxes, cables and remotes you’re supposed to.

Pack ahead

Procrastination is the cause of most of the stress associated with moving. Packing little by little is far more easier to tackle and organise than trying to do it all in a day. You can even start packing months in advance; just pack up everything you know you won’t be using.

Packing can be a difficult process, but it can be managed if you do it right. Searching for a house to rent in a particular city like Noida can be equally arduous. Since Nestaway has made the process of choosing an apartment for rent in Sector 135 Noida easier, packing is the only difficult part associated with moving; so start packing in advance, and make moving day that much easier.



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