Things to Ask When You Want To Hire a Kitchen Fitter

In the bathroom and kitchen fitting industry, luxury does not mean really expensive and designer fittings do not always mean quality. This is due to the fact that some bathroom and kitchen manufactures sell more due to their recongised brand rather than the quality of the products. This is important to remember when you are working with kitchen fitters London.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Because fittings can look great but are not quality then it is important to make sure you get a good warranty from the manufacturers showing that a brand has confidence in their products. The cheaper the products the less of a guarantee you will get, so you might have to repair or replace faster than you would with a longer guarantee.



Another tip is that items made in other countries and imported can often be hard to fit as they are not manufactured with the accuracy quality products are.

Find the right fitter

 Renovating your kitchen is really a simple task for kitchen fitters who use kitchen fittings of good quality. Starting the project of renovation your kitchen, you need to remember this tip.

Finding fitter

The most important thing is to find a good reliable kitchen fitter, especially one who has experience because they will hopefully know what they are doing. Questions you should ask include:

  • References
  • How long they have been working
  • Qualifications
  • Accreditation


Check it out

If they tell you they have a membership in a trade association, look them up. Some will try to con you by claiming membership, or there are even some who make up their own association.


The majority of trade associations will have list of members available on-line. So it is quite easy to check.


Also ask them what manufactures supplies they use. Some manufacturers have cabinets that are ready built and ready to install. Others suppliers have cabinets as a flat pack and it is sensible to find a fitter who has installed whatever your choice for kitchen is.

A bit of homework on your kitchen fitter will help from having problems in the future.


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