The “Voila” Look with PretA Fleur Eternal Roses New York

Pret-a- Fleur-Eternal Roses New York

Do you want a centerpiece arrangement that is a standalone décor item and enough to lighten up the entire look? Pret-a-Fleur-Eternal Roses New York brings you this awesome range of natural roses which can last up to 3 years. Yes, 3 years! These flowers have been preserved in a natural substance which enables them to retain their freshness, color and charm for a long time. They are the perfect giftitem which keeps on giving. We offer stunning ceramic vases and gift boxes with our flowers to make a holiday must have gift item. Our “eternal” roses are perfect for creating that voila look anywhere and anytime!

A voila look quintessentially describes a look that is the centre of attraction. Making a statement. Our décor roses have the capacity of creating that voila look whether they come in our ceramic vases or gift boxes. The brighthues and the natural charm of these roses cannot be replicated and that is why we are passionate with real roses. We choose the best of natural roses and preserve them in our patented formula to ensure that they last for 3 years with their fragrance and charm intact.


About Us:

An idea to create a different gifting and décor brand became successful with our natural and eternal roses. Pret-a-Fleur Eternal Roses New York is a decor and gifting brand which desired to provide something more than what regular florists offer. Our flowers do not require sunlight and water and yet can spread their fragrance for up to 3 years without withering. Pret-a-Fleur Eternal Roses New Yorkselects natural roses and immerses them in a natural-plant based solution and a preserving formula which prevents them from withering. The resultant blooms are amazing in looks and fragrance. We not only provide eternal roses but also provide gift boxes and centerpiece arrangements. We select beautiful glazed and textured ceramics hand crafted by artisans in Asia. We aim at creating beautiful gifting boxes that instantly enhance the entire room. Get them today at


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