Teak Wood Furniture and Facts You Never Know Before

What is your favorite material for furniture? There are several choices when it comes to wood material for furniture such as oak, pine, and teak. Each wood comes with different characteristics, allowing you to decide based on your desire. Among all, teak wood is considered the best for some reasons. Teak wood furniture, somehow, provides strength and durability that cannot be found in other wood materials. Its water resistant properties and tendency of not to splinter easily made the outdoor teak furniture a favorite for everyone. Knowing this fact, many people start to choose furniture made out of teakwood such as teak garden furniture Indonesia. Since the increase of teak furniture demand, teak deforestation is getting uncontrollable. What makes teak wood so demanded? Where does it come from? Get closer to teak wood and find the facts here.

Facts about Teak Wood Furniture

You probably do not know many things about teak wood. All you know is it looks excellent with grain and natural color to level up the value of your residence. Beyond, there are some facts that you need to know about this wood material as follows:

  • Comes from faraway

Where do you think teak come from? If you think that teak wood comes from nearest woods in your country, sorry to say that it is a wrong answer. In fact, teak wood furniture is made out of teak which is planted only in tropical countries such as Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The last mentioned country is known as the major producer of teak crafts including home furnishing. The business scale as well as product quality are unquestionable as it is able to export million dollars-worth homes furnishing abroad.

  • Needs decades to harvest

Do you know? Teak is a hard wood that requires decades to make it ready for harvesting. It is not like other wood material that only spends 10-20 years to harvest. In case of teak wood, it needs around 80 years to obtain the best quality with natural grain. That is why Indonesian government takes serious attention in maintaining teak plantation to make sure it is sustainable. However, some teak wood furniture does use that old wood material. There are some teak types that can be harvested earlier, yet with less quality.

  • Last lifetime

Believe it or not, teak wood furniture will last lifetime. With proper maintenance, it will be a great investment for your descendants to inherit from you. This hard wood is able to withstand extreme weather, rot, and termite. Either indoor or outdoor, it gives you peace of mind because it will get stronger time to time. However, you need to note that not all teak types offer you such benefits. Only one that is really old—more than 80 years—is able to last lifetime.

Those facts will change your views about teak wood, right? Teak wood furniture does not only offer elegance and beauty but also strength and durability. It is not a surprise that this furniture is valuable and offered in high price. However, teak furniture can be a considerable investment for your family because it is able to last long with proper maintenance.


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