Staying a Step Ahead of Home Problems

Owning a home is a wonderful thing for you personally and financially, but homeowners know it is also a whole lot of work. When you own your home, you expose yourself to a certain degree of financial risk, and making sure that your home maintains and, ideally, grows its value means investing in maintenance and repairs at the right times and in the right ways.

Fortunately, the formula for keeping your home valuable and comfortable is simple. You need to be proactive, investing in preventative maintenance and tackling problems at the very moment that they appear.

It never pays to wait to fix issues

The reason for the homeowner’s golden maintenance rule is simple—if you wait, you’ll spend more money. That’s because problems with your home’s vital systems — including your property’s plumbing, foundation, and more — will get worse over time, not better. Unaddressed problems will grow in size and, therefore, the cost to fix those issues will go up.

So while it may be tempting to avoid the short-term expense of actually calling that plumber, foundation repair team, or electrician, make no mistake, you’ll actually be increasing and postponing that expense, not avoiding it.

Being proactive: inspections and maintenance

One powerful example of the price of deferred maintenance can be found in the world of home foundations. Your home’s foundation is extremely important. It’s quite literally what the entire house is built on. And minor issues with foundations are not tough to fix. Foundation repair of your home can be affordable, explain experts, but neglecting your foundation can be a disaster. While waterproofing and simple crack fills are no big deal, complete foundation replacements can be expensive and disruptive, to say the least. The solution, of course, is to be proactive. Experts recommend inspecting your foundation regularly, perhaps as a part of regular activities like spring cleaning. Look for cracks and signs of a house that is settling strangely. Look for water where it shouldn’t be, and check the whole house for doors and windows that are not moving or staying open or closed as they should.

It’s a good idea to check for home maintenance issues regularly. Keep a checklist, and cover basic maintenance on a regular schedule yourself.

Relying on the pros for maintenance and repairs

Inspecting your space is important, especially as regards simple things like looking for cracks in your basement. But there are other systems that aren’t quite so easy to examine with the naked eye. Take your plumbing system, for instance. Is there a way to check on that yourself?

For the most part, there isn’t. But this doesn’t mean that your plumbing system shouldn’t be getting looked at regularly. On the contrary, your plumbing system should be monitored constantly. And if you have a good relationship with at trusted plumbing contractor, this shouldn’t be a hard thing to have done.

According to Mount Prospect plumbers who do expert plumbing work in Illinois, waiting for serious issues before calling a plumber is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make. The issue, of course, is that a serious plumbing problem is often a sign that things are too far gone already. A major plumbing problem is something that should have been treated or prevented earlier on.

The best way to work with a plumber is to invest in a regular preventative maintenance plan. Speak to your plumber about setting up regular visits and inspections. Call in the plumber when smaller issues arise, rather than waiting for those small issues to turn into big problems.

Set a budget for home maintenance, so that you have the cash you need to handle repairs. Spend that money rather than pinching pennies, so that your long-term savings are larger. Staying one step ahead of big problems is all part of the plan to keep your home functional, comfortable, and valuable.


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