Smart Houses- Houses Of The Future, Brought To You Today

With the advent of the Internet of Things, the world of connectivity has taken massive strides in all walks of life. But one creation, which stands tall over all other developments, is the concept of Smart Houses. A home which is entirely connected, yet individually accessible; consumer satisfaction is at its best. In today’s high paced world, humans have not got the time to do each and every work physically; they would rather use that time to do something more productive. With Smart Houses, they don’t need to. All they need is a single interface, which may be wall mounted, a smartphone application, a tablet or a desktop, and they have their entire house within their reach.


A Smart House can typically control some or all of the following:

  • Lighting
  • Climate (temperature, ventilation, air quality among others)
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Appliances

However, due to the subjective nature of individual homes, each Smart House is a little different from the other, resulting in a highly competitive industry and very less limitations regarding what they can do.


Having a high-tech home brings with it, its own perks. These advantages are both for the consumer, and the environment. They are as follows:

  • Saving Energy: A Smart House switches the appliances on or off according to the optimal requirement of the room, and in case of appliances like Air conditioners, find the optimum level at which they should operate, resulting in a healthy consumption of electricity, and decreasing the chances of an overuse.
  • Saving Time: With the busy schedules that people tend to have, the saying that time is money was never more apt. The time people save due to the Smart Houses can be devoted to a number of more productive tasks, and if not, they can earn the consumer some much needed recreational time, which is equally rare in today’s world.
  • Life Safety: An enhanced security system, both outside the home and within it, increases the safety that a person enjoys in their home.

Technology as we speak is advanced now more than ever and one should embrace it with such products.


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