Smart Choices for the Perfect Interior Designing Now

The living room is the place to be for socializing with family and friends. Enough reasons to dress them up nicely. Although the living room may feel airy in the summer, it is nevertheless pleasant if it radiates a warm atmosphere in the winter months. By adding seasonal extras, your living room will look like new again. For the best interior design singapore you need the best deal here.

Less Is A Bore

During the winter months, the living room may feel a bit fuller than usual. Extra ottomans and side tables are not only practical for snacks, they also fill in empty spaces. Feel free to put some more cushions and blankets, which provide more comfort and give a cozy impression.

Cozy Mood Lighting

Placing extra mood lighting can make the living room that little bit more cozy. If you place candles, you must of course also use them. Pointing standing lamps to the walls can also give a totally different effect and will immediately create a warm atmosphere. Once December has got off to a good start, you can of course also start installing Christmas lights.


A cozy interior is not only visually perceptible. Scents can also have a positive influence on the state of mind. Work with seasonal products from nature or opt for scented candles with a wintery touch. If you want to go all the way, a true Christmas tree should not be missing!

Natural Decoration

Whether you are for or against the country style, you will not get the warm atmosphere of natural decoration with industrial materials. Wicker baskets, tree stumps, nuts, bolsters and dried plants immediately give your interior a different look. It is best to place evergreen exotic plants aside for a while, as they are not consistent with the winter atmosphere and break the overall picture.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. We receive guests there, relax there after a busy day and even use them as a desk and dining area. To give all these activities a place, a logical and practical layout should certainly not be missing. Based on the following step-by-step plan, you can turn every living room into a well-thought-out and multi-purpose space.

Draw Up The Package Of Requirements

Before you can start looking for nice fabrics, colors or furniture, it is best to start with an extensive brainstorming session. Sit together with the whole family, take a large sheet of paper and write down the activities you want to perform in the new living room. Once everything has been noted down, you can start by listing the requirements, requirements and the ideal environment for each activity. For instance:

Requirements Package Seating Space

  • Lots Of Natural Light
  • Protecting Clutter
  • Enough Sockets
  • View Of The Living Room And TV
  • No Loose Cables
  • View On TV And Fireplace
  • Drinks Room
  • Separate Reading Corner
  • Adjustable Reading Lamp
  • View Of The Garden From The Reading Corner

Activities That Can Take Place In The Living Room

Reading, watching TV, gaming, crafts, dining, playing, desk work, receiving guests, serving snacks, aperitifs and doing homework.

Examples Of Possible Requirements

Incident daylight, electrical outlets, internet connection, lighting, storage space, view, space required, privacy, flexibility, use by several people.

Floor Plan And Analysis

With the help of a floor plan you can now determine the strengths and weaknesses of your living room. Draw the doors, windows, electricity supplies, switches and circulation zones. You can also draw elements that are fixed such as the fireplace, stairs, suspended ceilings and built-in cupboards on the floor plan.


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