Protect Our Planet with Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks not only help to save our planet but they can save you some money as well. As our planet undergoes major climate changes, salvaging rain water to use, especially during times when there are water bans in effect, can make a huge difference in our quality of living.

What Are the Benefits of Rainwater Tanks?

Rainwater can benefit a home by saving water that otherwise would have gone to waste. This can help in managing your water budget. On average, a home can save up to one hundred thousand litres of water per year that simply would have run off the roof. This water can be used for drinking, laundering, washing dishes, gardening, and flushing toilets. The benefits are endless. In addition, rainwater tanks make a home take one big leap towards becoming self-reliant and sustainable.

How Will My Tank Look?

Rainwater tanks in Brisbane can come in a number of sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. These tanks are typically made from steel and can last for several years. Some models can even fit beneath homes. Though these tanks tend to cost a bit more, they are a great option for families insistent upon a rainwater tank with little to no room to host one on their property.

What If My Tank Runs Out of Water?

If your tank runs out of water, the solution is simple. Typically, your rainwater system will be connected to the main water system that is used to supply your home with water. When the rainwater depletes, which is common for a small tank when rain is minimal, the main water supply delivers water to your home.

What Problems Do I Need to Prevent with My Rainwater Tank?

Several problems can come up but they are easy to avoid or resolve. First, consider adding a first-flush device to your tank. This device enables you to wash away the rain provided by the first fall. This water can contain some decayed matter and dust and can pollute the water you might be drinking.

Additionally, vermin or small rodents may try to make your water tank home. This can be unsanitary and unsafe because while these critters seem harmless, you don’t want to be ingesting their waste. Be sure to make your tank vermin-proof so that small critters such as toads, insects, or other small animals can’t make their way in.

Installing a screen can also keep unwanted leaves out of your rainwater tank. This keeps your rainwater clean.

What Will My Tank Cost?

Cost varies but the payback you’ll receive from not needing to pay a hefty water bill is worth it. Plus, you’re recycling water, which benefits our planet.


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