Probe intoHow to Install and Maintain LED Downlights Skillfully

OBALS shows you the easy way to assemble downlights

In the home improvement project, most homeowners will choose to install downlights around the ceiling. Since downlights are installed into the ceiling, it won’t take up too much indoor space. Not only such, it still can enhance indoor adornment effect. Inevitably, downlights will need to be repaired one day. Today, OBALS will show you how to install and maintain LED downlights skillfully.

How to Choose

  1. Panel Material

At present, the material of downlight panel on the market basically has iron sheet, aluminous material, stainless steel, but the iron sheet is used at industry illumination more. Aluminum or stainless steel is recommended for home lighting.

  1. Dimension

Choose the wattage and quantity of the bulb according to the size of the interior space. This will create a more comfortable atmosphere and avoid to appear light is too strong or too weak circumstance.

  1. Reflectance

When buying downlight, observe the evenness of the cut. General aluminum cutting will be more tidy, and better reflection. But if it is plastic, after a period of use will be dark, or even black.

How to Install

  1. Trepanning

Determine the trepanning size of the ceiling and the position of installing the downlights according to the downlights size.

  1. Wiring

Connect the reserved power line in the ceiling with the downlights according to the electrical specification.

  1. Adjustment

Adjust the nut of the downlight to fix the reed, so that the height of the reed is the same as the thickness of the ceiling, and then put the downlight spring clip vertically into the open ceiling hole.

  1. Completion

Unfold the spring clasps on both sides of the downlights and fasten them on the back of the ceiling. Finally, install the bulb.

Installation and Maintaining Tips

  1. When cleaning and maintaining LED downlights, try not to change the structure of the lights or change the parts of the lights. After the cleaning and maintenance, do not leak or wrongly install the lamp parts.
  2. The led downlights installed in toilets and bathrooms must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades to prevent moisture intrusion and prevent corrosion or short circuit.
  3. The lamp that installs in the kitchen should pay special attention to prevent lampblack because the accumulation of oily dirt can affect the illuminance of the lamp.
  4. The light-colored lampshade has good transmittance but is easy to be stained with ash. You can wipe it with dry steps to avoid affecting the penetration of light.

OBALS LED Downlight of Pioneer Series

  1. DIY Design

Pioneer series is CCT changeable downlight series. The sparkling point of this series is DIY design. LED downlight can be designed easily as recessed downlight, surface mounted downlight, grill light and so on. Depending on your actual needs and personal preferences, you only need to buy a few parts for assembling different kinds of lights.

  1. Different sizes for option

For this series, OBALS provides 3/4/5/6/8/9 inches lamps, which cover a cut-out range from 75 to 255mm. Its IP54 rating and IC-4 standard satisfy your projects to a large content.

  1. Free to Adjust the Color Temperature

You are free to use the switch which is on the backside to adjust the color temperature that you want, reducing the stress of storage.

  1. Slim Design

The predominant slim design makes the downlights versatile in high efficiency, with the max 123Lm/w.

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