How To Pick Dining Chairs For Your New Table?

Purchased a new dining table? Well, you need a set of chairs to complement it. While there are many options in dining chairs, you must be careful about the final choice, because you won’t replace them anytime soon. In this post, we have listed the factors that matter, apart from the price.

Find a common design element

When you look for dining chairs, you need to consider the design, style, and material of the table. You don’t have to play the match-match game, as long as you have a common element between both. For example, if you have a square table, you should consider buying chairs that match the same symmetry.

Consider the dimensions

Dining chairs should be effective, comfortable and functional. Check the dimensions of the chair before you take the final call. For most normal-sized rooms, a width of 22 inches is more than enough. However, if you have a big dining room, you must select a set of chairs that bigger and looks gigantic enough to complement the space.

Think of other things

Do you want arm rests for the chairs? Traditionally, dining chairs don’t have arm rests, but if the table is too large, this is an additional aspect that you can consider. The material is also one of the other things that matter. Hardwood is a practical and good choice for long-term use, but the chairs shouldn’t be too heavy. You will need to pull and move the chairs regularly, so pick a design that’s weight-efficient. There should be a height difference of 12 inches between the chair’s surface and the tabletop. The height of the chair shouldn’t be more than 30 inches, depending on the height of the table.

Finally, if you want good deals on dining chairs, check online. Most online stores have many choices and the prices are always lower than regular retailers.


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