Loulou Avenue – contemporary artist

Contemporary art is the name given to today’s art. This includes music, painting, drawing, photography, performance, maintenance, sculpturing and video art among many others. It is estimated that contemporary art first made its name in the late 1960’s. However, contemporary art goes back many years ago and it came after modern art. It is diverse compared to the older modern art because in today’s art, we see more of video art and performances art, which were not very popular back in the day.

Contemporary art uses a combination of methods, subjects, concepts and materials to create meaningful art.  Contemporary artists explore older practises, questions and concepts of the past in order to envision the future and understand the present. What makes contemporary art different from the rest is that it lacks a principle that is uniform and organised. Many people do not actually understand contemporary art and its ideologies. In contemporary art, both the artist and the audience play a big role.

The interest of the audience motivates the artistes to create more work of various categories within a single category.  Contemporary art is captivating and leaves lasting impressions. The new breed of contemporary artists is taking over from the old breed and they will leave lasting impressions for the next breed of artists. Some of the best contemporary artists Are Liu Xiaodong, Takashi Murakami, JR, Miquel Barcelo, Luo Zhangli, Liu Wei, Mark Bradford and one of the latest entries Loulou Avenue.

Loulou Avenue

Born as Liv Ann van der Laan, Loulou is one of the most celebrated Dutch artists. Her work is astounding and it captures everyone’s imagination. Majority of her artwork are one line drawings made with pencil or charcoal. Loulou started her graphic and artistry interest early when she joined the Italian school of art to do graphic design. After that, she proceeded to beaux-arts in Amsterdam where she continued with her studies after which she opened her own studio.

Ever since that time, Loulou’s work became a force to reckon with. She develops images and drawings that anyone can identify with by glancing at them the first time. Her drawings have a captivating vintage aesthetic that is hard not to notice. Some people have likened her work to Picasso’s and all for a good reason. Loulou inspiration actually came from reading Picasso’s books where she got inspired by how he utilised his surroundings to come up with the most beautiful pieces.

Her tools of trade are ink and charcoal which are the simplest materials to use for art. Her iconic prints of art now feature in Paper Collective based in Denmark. Some of her best work of arts is serious dreamer, sun kissed, full of love, these days and full moon. All these are part of her ocean series, collective series among many others. Her one line drawn prints are both humorous and minimalistic. They are prints anyone would want to hang in their rooms.

Line drawing

Line drawing is not a popular art but still artists that do it, stand out from the rest. It is a minimalistic type of art and does not require much like paints and colourings. In most cases, a line drawing is a sketch or a drawing of something or someone. The drawing as minimalistic as it is enhances the ability for you to see and recognise what you are looking at. It does not let your imagination fill in many gaps because it is all there for you to see.

A line drawing does not require too much composition problems when sketching. All you do is come up with a theme and you have your sketch or drawing on a canvas. It also helps people deal with various circumstances that face them in life. Line drawings are some of the best art therapy instruments in the world today.

Wrapping it up

She may not have been on the scene of art for long, but Loulou Avenue is making a name for herself in many art galleries and poster houses. Her drawings are popular and anyone would want to have them as hangings in their homes or offices. Her work is detailed, and easy to understand.


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