Led Light Buying Guide

A lot is being made of one of the newest introductions into the light bulb market – LED lights. These are significantly more different from the traditional incandescent lights that where fitted inside of the majority of homes. Halogen and compact florescent lights (CFL) were also a ever more popular option in recent times, so what are LED lights and are they worth buying for your home?

LED lights offer the most energy efficient laugh bulbs that you can buy. Using as much as 90% less energy than standard light bulbs they also last far longer than normal bulbs too. When compared the traditional energy saving light bulb the CFL, LEDs turn on instantly, with no time for the bulb to heat up before becoming bright.


Due to the relative newness of this technology, you can expect to pay more for an LED light than the other options out there. While they are not the cheapest, as time goes on they will become far more affordable. However in the context of how efficiently and LED will perform in your home, it may end up costing you less in the long run when compared to other forms of lighting.

Smaller LED bulbs can cost around £10, with others ranging towards £40. Compare this to amuch cheaper traditionalbulb that costs as few as a few pounds and it may seem like you are paying more money. However the annual running costs are significantly lower due to LEDs using far less energy, most notably when compared against halogen lights. LEDs also last up to 25 years, so it’s very much a long term investment!

When thinking of buying LED lights, think about fittings first and foremost. There are many shapes and sizes of bulbs and their fittings, and LEDs are no exception. Be sure to find out the socket types you have, and then you can price the corresponding LED. Remember while it will cost you more for these bulbs in one payment, it’s cheaper in the long term, so it is worth considering how much you are willing to pay. Some would prefer to just pay small amounts over long periods, while others like the idea of a one lump sum payment.

Led lights

Brightness is the second aspect to think about. LEDs come with differing brightness much like other light bulbs, yet they do not use the same watts to measure the brightness as other types of light bulbs. Instead lumens are used to compare the brightness, so a traditional 40W light bulb gives your 400 + lumens. To gain the same brightness from an LED bulb would be measure as 6W – this is because watts are actually measuring the power used.

Shapes and sizes are a factor to consider too, as you can get plenty of different ones out there. Traditional shapes tend to be more universal for their uses; candle shapes are better for lamps, spot lights and down lights may be better of a bathroom or kitchen. So knowing what you need it for should help you determine the best suited shapes.

Knowing what you are looking for in regards to each of these areas should help you decide on what you are looking for from LED lighting. There is no reason why you cannot test the waters with one, see if its needs and capabilities are worth investing more time and money into. In the long term though it’s undeniable that you can save yourself a fair amount of money, as long as you buy correctly!


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