Killer Trends to Overcome the Kitchen Design Blues

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes. They are the one room that is at the center of our lives, no matter what kind of life we live. For busy families, it can be where the homework gets done while the dinner is being cooked. For busy professionals, it might even be where the social life is centered as friends stop in to have a glass of wine and chat.

Now, you may not be exactly in the market for a complete do-over of that all-important room. But we can bet that if you had to come up with one thing that you wanted to change about your home, the kitchen would probably be that item.

Adding in a New Color

One of the simplest things that will make a huge change to any room is to paint it. But what color? If you are looking to use a neutral shade such as the old standby eggshell, why not try the latest trend in colors for kitchens, gray. I know that you are thinking, how dingy. But it doesn’t have to be. If you use the basic shade as a neutral color against something that will pop such as a spring green, it will liven the whole kitchen up and still leave plenty of room for creativity.

Want to really branch out? Why not use that simple shade against a warm wood finish to give a two-tone look that won’t fight whatever is added to it? These days it pays to have a base color in the kitchen that is cool and simple, so that every other color you care to add to it just looks fabulous.

Old is New with Classic Looks

If the gray on gray tone is too modern for you, how about a reach back to the past? A trend in kitchens right now is that old fashion clean white against solid black. Just think old farm house and you have it down pat. Add in some hardware that calls back to the simple days and tile that recalls the time of butter churns and coal stoves for that classic look. Of course, today we have all the conveniences of modern times to mix with that look.

Sinking in to Color

If you are ready to go beyond paint and fixtures, how about a new sink? One look that is taking the kitchen by storm is taking out your old reliable white or stainless-steel sink and replacing it with a pop of color. How about an avocado green sink in your otherwise quiet kitchen for a new look? While some may want to keep going and add in some extra color with the usual appliances, I say the kitchen sink is just the right touch. Whatever you choose, make it your own to add a fresh look to that most important room of your house.



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