Keeping Your Home Safe During Short-Term Lets

If you decide to let out your home for the short-term, whether through a service such as Air BnB or through other, more traditional platforms, one of the biggest worries is to how to ensure the levels of security remain consistent. In fact, making sure that your home security system is of an even better standard during short-term lets is a great way to maintain the value of your home and keep your property (and tenants) safe from harm, theft and damage.

Invest in Alarm System – If you are choosing to let out your property on short-term contracts you want to make sure that your property is as secure as possible. In terms of your own sanity investing in a quality alarm system will put your mind at ease that your property is secure from potential burglary. This works twofold, providing you with a system that can alert you when there has been a break-in (whether a tenant is present of during fallow periods and the property is vacant) and to make your tenants feel at ease and likely to want to stay, or visit again.

Video Intercom System – A video intercom system is something that your tenants will appreciate. Much like when you are in your home, if the doorbell rings it puts you at ease to be able to see, and speak to, whoever it is at your front door. It means that should you have a delivery, are waiting for a work person to arrive to perform a task, or you’re waiting to family to come home you can instantly see it isn’t someone you don’t know. A video intercom system also works to allow you to quickly see who is outside should an alarm sound at night, or if your tenants hear a noise.

Secure Outbuildings – If there are outbuildings, extensions or garages as part of your property, make sure that between each short-term letting contract that you take a look at the security aspects and secure them. Your tenants might wish to store valuable items of their own, or you might be using them as a place to store your own belongings.

Check All Locks and Windows Between Lets – One security aspect that is often overlooked in short-term property contracts is the locks and access through doors and windows on the property. Take the time to conduct a thorough analysis of all potential entry points and if anything needs improving, or locks need changing you can do so before the next people arrive to stay at your property.

As you can see there are processes and systems you can put in place that increase the levels of home security at your property should you be looking to let it out to tenants on a short-term basis. Always think about how you would like to feel secure when you are living there, as well as putting in place extra measures that guard against the tenants themselves, as well as prevent burglary, damage to the property and make your tenants feel safe and at home, even if you are only away from the property for a short period of time, or it is a holiday home that you let out for a few months each year.


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