Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean In Winter The Easy Way

If you invested in your own hot tub or spa this year there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t carry on using it throughout the winter months as well. Hot tubs are not just for the warmer months of the year and with a bit of thought they can provide just as much pleasure no matter what the temperature is outside. In fact many people prefer the contrast of temperatures which can make the experience extremely enjoyable.

hot tub 1

A Little Helping Hand

If you haven’t already done so, it would be a good idea to purchase some type of device to make clearing the hot tub easier. Now we are in autumn there will be far more falling leaves to contend with and much more debris on the bottom of the tub as well. Armed with a Paradise Power Spa Vac or other similar tool you’ll be able to clean right down to the bottom of the hot tub thanks to the aluminium telescopic pole that extend to six feet in length. It also comes complete with a detachable scrubbing brush to make easy work of removing any stubborn dirt and stains.

hottub 2

Something A Little Smaller

If you’d prefer a smaller hand held device for when you just want to clean up one or two small areas, then take a look at the Grit-Gitter instead. It works very simply by holding it over the debris that needs removing then squeezing and releasing to draw up the dirt and grit. Move to the next area of dirt and repeat; it really is as simple as that. It will also float on the surface of the water until you need it so it’s always on hand and it’s small size makes it ideal for cleaning away the dirt in tight corners.


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