Install A Hot Tub And Make The Most Of Your Conservatory

Many people spend money having a conservatory built on to their property only to find that after a few years, its use is restricted to drying wet clothes or storing dirty wellies. Now that seems to be just a pointless waste of space and money; so why not transform it into something useful you will enjoy and reclaim the space?

Sufficient Space

You don’t need to have masses of space to install a hot tub indoors; just sufficient to be able to access it easily and accommodate a set of steps. In fact there are some really compact models out there that are excellent value for money which would perfectly suit the purpose and can easily accommodate two people at any one time.

hot tub

Suitable Flooring

Whilst not essential, it makes sense to have suitable flooring in place before you install your new hot tub. Carpet or laminate (unless it’s the sort that’s suitable for a bathroom) is not going to be the best choice for a room that is likely to become damp and steamy at times. Go for a non slip tiled or rubber floor if possible that will look good as well as provide a safe surface to walk on.

Remember to also open your conservatory windows regularly to let out any damp air and prevent mould from forming in the corners.

A Suitable Model

Going back to the subject of a suitable hot tub model, why not take a look at perhaps the Duet by Vitaspa. It retails at a price that is within the budget of most people and has many features that you would normally associate with a higher priced model. The two seats are slightly reclined with armrests for comfort and with 16 stainless steel jets, including hand and wrist massage jets you’ll find it an easy place to relax in at the end of a busy day.


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