Information That You Should Know About Estate Liquidation

You may have decided to sell your estate to earn some extra money. However, in order to get good price for your estate, you must know how the sale really works. In this small article, we will provide certain basic information about the estate sale.

Estate Sale Company

Firstly, you need to contact an Estate sale Company. They will visit your home to assess the items that you are interested to sell. They may organize your item for sale and also advertise about them in various media. In case, they are not able to sell any of your items then they will donate them to a charitable organization with your permission. They will also clean your place after the sales.


When should you consult an Estate sale Company?

There are number of reasons for choosing the services of an Estate sale Company and some of the important reasons are as below.

  • You may want to liquidate the estate of any of your loved one who is dead
  • You want to remove the items
  • You are getting divorced
  • There may be tax related or court order issues

Why should you prefer estate sale over garage sale?

estate sale

Following are few good reasons why you should avail the services of an estate sale company.

  • Quite often you may not know the exact market value of an item that you intend to sell. Due to this reason you may end up selling at much lower price.
  • You may consider certain item as useless. However, it may not be useless at all. The expert will decide whether it has some market value or not.
  • Estate sale company will provide you the following services
  1. Clean your item
  2. Set them for sale
  3. They will advertise and market your item
  4. Carry out the sale process
  5. Provide higher value for your item
  6. Their people will talk to various buyers

How Estate liquidator will get their service charges?

Most of the liquidators Toronto residents can trust on their dealing. While they will deal your entire item you need not pay any service charges from your own pocket. They will take the required commission from the proceedings of the sale. The percentage of commission is more or less same as that of any auctioneer, which is between 10 to 25 per cent of the sale proceedings.


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