How to retain the marvelous polish with the Floor Buffer?

Perhaps the veins of your marble are no more distinct as it looked a few years back. In these situations, the owner of the house must be wondering how to get back the distinctness of the veins. A decade back there was only one solution. Call the artisan and ask him to do the polishing yet again. But now you are lucky and you yourself can retain the polish of your floors. Simple get the best floor buffer for home use and enjoy the shining bright vein floors of your home.

Buying Consideration

Some important factors you should always remember if you want to buy a good floor buffer. If the power of the floor buffer were not matching as required, then your floor would not get the bet to shine so confirm that you get the right one. Size and type of the floor are an important consideration when you are buying a floor buffer. The same flooring, but the difference in the type of premises must not be forgotten.

Common Mistake

Generally, while making the purchase people forget one vital issue. The time has shortened for all of us. Hence, you need to finish up cleaning as quickly as possible. So for quick cleaning goes for a big pad sized floor buffer.

Best 3 products

The market offers many options for buffers let us check out some of them.

  1. Pullman Holt Gloss Bass Floor Scrubber and Polisher: Specially designed for hard floors. It’s stripping, grinding and sanding functionality makes this floor buffer a must possession for commercial buildings.


  • Floors of a wide range can be easily cleaned because of its compact construction.


  • Not ideal for strong stains.
  1. Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Polisher: It can be conveniently used and is suitable for any bare floor.


  • Light weightiness enables the user to take the device to the most difficult areas of your room.


  • Not recommendable for commercial purpose.
  1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Floor Machine: This floor buffers never leave any brush or sanding marks, swirls or gouges on your floors.


  • Even the beginners can use this device comfortably. This is an awesome device for carpet floors.


  • Brushes are to be arranged separately

Surely, if the above points are considered in buying a floor buffer you would definitely make a good purchase.


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