How To Prep Your House Before Using Synthetic Enamel Paint

Synthetic enamel paint is oil based paint with adhesive property that makes it appropriate for painting wall, wooden or metallic surface. It comes in two finishes such as matt and glossy. It is also washable which makes it ideal for stain prone areas such as kitchen and bathroom. All these attributes make it a popular choice among the customers. The diversely applicable property makes it the most easily picked product in any painting store.

With the growing consciousness among customers, the demands for highly quality, smart finish in paints have risen to an exponential level. Synthetic enamel paint manufacturers in India has put their best efforts to meet the market demands. These paints happen to be the fastest moving SKUs for every enamel paint supplier in India. These are easy to apply and easy to maintain as well. It demands a minimal prepping of the surface before you start off with the painting job.

Prepping Plastered Walls for Synthetic Enamel Paint

Synthetic enamel paint is the most favored paint for the walls. It is used on newly plastered as well as old walls. In order to prep the walls before you start rolling your new synthetic enamel paint on it. Firstly, a plastered wall should be absolutely dry before starting the painting work. Needless to say, the wall should be clean and absolutely bereft of even a speck of dust, drop or mark of cement or any kind of stain. Any crack or pit on the wall should be mended and smoothened out. After than a primer coat should be applied on the wall. The quality of the primer will determine the finish of the synthetic enamel paint to a great extent. So choose a good quality primer for your wall. And now you are good to roll your favorite synthetic enamel paint.

Prepping Old Walls For Synthetic Enamel paint

The work begins by removing the existing paint for getting the wall ready for the new application. It needs to be absolutely clean of grease, stains dirt or soot build up. The cleaning process starts by scrubbing it with sand paper. The rubbing and scrubbing process continues till the time you achieve a completely smooth surface. This is the right time to mend the pits and cracks or patches if any on the wall. Before you start to paint, the surface should be absolutely uniform. Then while applying the first coat should be allowed to become absolutely dry. One sweep of the paintbrush should be followed by a smoothening process using a sharp paper to achieve an even look. This will help to remove the brush marks. Only then will the glossy effect start to become visible. Each coat should be applied when the previous coat has been completely dried. This will ensure a perfect finish and long lasting color fastness.

On The Wooden Surface

When it comes to wood, the process starts with rubbing it with the help of a sand paper to attain a smooth surface. Just like the walls, wooden surface also need to be completely dry before paint application. The simple reason behind it is that paints are oil based and moisture on the surface will not allow the paint to set on it. Also any king of unevenness should be taken care of. Thereafter a good quality primer should be applied before starting the painting work.

Prepping The Iron and Steel surface

Before applying paint on the iron or steel surface, it should be scraped off the scales and rust. It should be completely cleaned of any kind of dust. Then application of a good quality primer should be done before starting to paint.


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