How to make the most of the Heart Wood for Home Decor

The leading paint brand of UK, Dulux has named Heart Wood as Colour of the Year 2018. The company has described it to be as “beautiful warm neutral with a hint of heather.” The Dulux Colour and Design Expert, Rebecca Williamson added that Heart Wood has been highly versatile shade. It would ground the entire year’s trend palettes. It has been known to work with a wide variety of shades across a number of spectrums. However, it would come with a slightly muted quality.

She further added that she believes the colour would be suitable as a combination with similar hues such as cocoa such as Woven Willow and blush pinks such as Blossom Tree. In her opinion, the hues were highly comforting that would connect beautifully with desired blues. It would continue to gain popularity for offsetting its warmth, especially the rich tones such as Sapphire Salute. However, the question to ponder upon would be how to make use of Heart Wood in your home in the best manner possible. DM Design, a specialist in fitted bedroom in Glasgow advices:

Put together quality furniture with purple heart wood

The purple heart wood has been widely common in South America. However, it has gained huge popularity across the world due to its straight and shiny grain patterned texture. The flexibility and bendable feature in its characteristics enables this kind of wood to be the perfect choice when putting together high quality furniture.

You could apply it to several kinds of items in your home such as coffee tables. It would bring about the richer, deeper hue in the living and dining area relatively ease. The colour could also be used in a subtle manner as desired colour painted at the back of the display cabinet or for that matter, an alcove in the home.



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