How To Design A Luxurious Bedroom In London?

The bedroom is a personal and intimate space that needs consideration when its redesigned or remodelled. If you are designing your bedroom for a better and unique style, then you should challenge yourself with thinking outside the box.

There are many aspects your London architect need to consider when you’re redesigning your bedroom. The appearance of the room can change instantly from the smallest changes.

To begin the process, you need to start thinking about what you want to alter or keep from the current style.

Also, one of the most crucial things that you need to have before you start to remodel is to know what you want. If your room is currently lacking from natural light/artificial light, the right colour palette or extra storage, it means the time has come to change that unpleasant cramped feeling.


The floor plan of a room can help you locate the positioning of furniture such as the bed, wardrobe, and drawers. The positioning of the bed is very important as it may cause several issues if not placed in the correct area. If it’s a bedroom for a couple, the bed should not be placed in a corner so you can access the bed from each side.

On the other hand, bunk beds will need extra space for the ladder access, so you need to consider the positioning very well.  You should place your bed according to the windows, as you don’t want to block any sunlight getting into your room. This is the most significant interior design principle when it comes to design and build a luxurious home.



Storage is a key element within a bedroom, so you should pay extra attention whilst choosing the suitable space for your wardrobe. It can be from one wall to another or a walk-in wardrobe as ladies need to have efficient room for their endless clothing and shoes!

If your bedroom is not so spacious in your London home, consider having the wardrobe doors mirrored from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as this will create the illusion that your room is large.


When it comes to choosing the right colour scheme, it is entirely up to you, however as it’s the same with any other room, lighter colours would make the room feel larger and warmer dark colours will give a sense of comfort and privacy.

Similarly, one of the tricks to give a sense of spaciousness is to keep the walls and ceilings at the same tones and you will be able to trick the eye by not seeing where the parameter starts or ends. Using a different type of flooring in a contrasting colour can be an option, as it will make you feel like you’re in a different place.

Don’t limit yourself with what you can or can’t do with your bedroom. Aim to produce a room that allows you relax and unwind in luxury.

En-suite Bathroom

Including an en-suite bathroom will add luxury, privacy and extra comfort.

As most en-suites are fairly small, adding extra mirrors to the right corners will maximise the central space and compliment the appliances.

All in all, you should treat the layout and materials according to the theme of your bedroom to form a continuity. Don’t forget: The details matter!


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