How Do I Go About Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool pump?

To select the best swimming pool pump will depend mostly on the sort of pool one has in place and the components of the pool itself. And although the technology is comparatively of the same type no matter what sort of swimming pool pump one is talking about, there are slight differentials which can affect operations in a different ways.

So, it’s best to do the homework and research the options ahead of time, or by contacting professionals in the pump industry.

Pool Type

  • The crucial first thing to do is to make sure that the pump you are after is made for the type of pool you want it for, as in whether it is an in ground pool or above ground pool.
  • A swimming pool pump developed for an in ground pool will have difficulty working well for an above ground pool simply due to the fact that the above ground swimming pool pumps make use of gravity to move water to the pump.
  • Whereas pumps for in-ground swimming pools must largely generate their own suction so as to get water flowing.

Any Additional Features

  • One more feature to think about is if the pool’s owner has any other extra features added to the pool, as in a Jacuzzi hot tub, waterfall or fountain.
  • In such cases, contact experts like Alton pumps, and see what they advise
  • But in most cases, such extra features will find the need for a more powerful pump.
  • And then there are times when pool owners will select an entirely different pressure pump for these features.
  • This does help to extend the life period of the primary pump and also provides swimming pool owners with more flexibility when using those features.

Matters of Speed

  • Another thing nowadays, which is becoming more favoured amongst pool owners, is whether or not to purchase a variable speed swimming pool pump.
  • This kind of pump can work at a range of different speeds and capacities all depending on what is required.
  • For instance, operating a manual pool vacuum or a pool robot vacuum, so as to get sediments drawn to the pool filter, might require more power than just circulating the water, which is usually all that is needed if heating the pool.

For that reason, looking into the choice of a variable-speed pump can aid in energy saving associated with pool upkeep.

Seasoned Pool Owners

  • Experienced pool owners will be able to know what they require just by looking at their current pump.
  • Normally, a pool pump of 0.75 horsepower or somewhat more will be enough for most residential needs.
  • Should the users be of the opinion that they liked how the former pump worked, then a new swimming pool pump of the same specifications, will be just fine.

But, if the pump did not work as well as expected, or if adding a new pool or features, it is best to consult with pump specialists.


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