How To Get A Natural Look To Your Tiling

Buidling our own home can bring in a lot of tricky business. With so many things to consider during the period that you are looking to make major changes to the way you live and where you live, you have to be careful not to be sent down the wrong track in one way or another. There is, of course, more than just you to consider in most cases. Your family is very important – and need to be communicated to and consulted with during the ordeal. This really is the best way to go about it, particularly if you have formal spouse or life partner.

The outside

If you are going to have a lovely garden or perhaps a neat, little patio, then contemplating the stone tiles Adelaide and other parts of the country like Canberra and Melbourne have on offer will be one of your most key decisions. The overlay of your garden and layout of its surrounding area can not quite make or break the good look of the place, but it can certainly have a big effect on how and why it is viewed the way it is by others. So, to reiterate, take your time in making the decision before backing yourself to push the final proverbial button.


Some people might want to go with as natural a look and fell to their tiling as possible. Making it look as earthy and familiar to its surroundings as possible is quite the fad these days, with sand, brown, light white and other sorts of terracotta colours fitting in well with the fashion. Others, though, prefer some pop – and therefore bring in brighter hues like blue, green, yellow and orange. This is not for everybody, and sometimes it is quite a risk to go with such bright colours, but in the end the choice is yours and you are the one that has to be most comfortable with the final decision.


Tiles come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. Some people prefer the bigger squares or rectangles to cover the surface area they want sorted out. Other house builders like a smaller square or rectangle, which means a lot more of the material and probably a lot more labour to put them in, but the satisfaction of the pattern could last for many, many years. So, weigh up the thoughts going on in your head and perhaps even lay a small sample section of each to see how it is going to look when fully done.


Traditionally, tiles don’t vary from their four corners. But there are some oddball shapes out there regardless. From triangular, round and oval, which require substantially more grouting –there really are a lot of different options. The key, as with many things you will encounter in the building process, is to ensure that you really are happy with the final product. If there is anything off at all within your mental capacity, and you can’t trust your gut instinct, then two heads are always better than one.


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