French Double Doors

Would you have ever thought that the beautiful French door design started out as being a window! From its humble begins as a floor to ceiling window, the French style double door was construed in the 17th century with the idea of allowing the most natural light into the room. They were also fitted with cast iron as a way to secure the window to the frame, giving it even more of a classic look.

Fast forward to today and you can see the uses of this style throughout Europe and beyond. It is ideal for both personal and industrial use, bringing a feel of sophistication to any home or office. If it is privacy you are seeking, opt for the frosted or tempered glass, allowing the light through while still allowing for that personal space.

As with any design major differences have taken place and now, with the internal usage of the French door, you will not see any iron work, as that was for outdoor use primarily. A wide variety of strong woods and glass designs can now be found adding its own interior design look to any space. Perhaps you have a boutique office that you want looking more sophisticated. A definite addition would be getting French doors to hang in any open office space. And with this design it will make a room seem much larger than it really is. The double doors will allow the illusion of having more space but providing the necessary division of any office layout.

french dppr

When deciding on how to decorate your interior, take into consideration the width of the door frame. If you find you have a large opening, yet want to seclude the space from the rest of the home, the perfect option would be your French style double doors. Particularly leading into any den and or bedroom, this style can make a room in a home look particularly bigger then it truly is. With all of the different dimensions of archways, it is important to understand how properly measure and fit your double doors. With Internal double doors, one of the key features is fast and easy fitting. Even though the doors come measured, they do leave enough trim to make any height or width adjustments necessary. This gives the installer the ease of achieving that perfect fit. They come in different heights and with allowing the perfect match for your specific measurements.

When planning the design of any room the first place you should look is Internal Doors. This amazing online supplier has hundreds of selections to choose from. With all of your French doors being a free 3 inch SS butt hinge, you’re should be able to find what fits your dimensions perfectly. Depending on your budget, their wide variety of Sapir your doors range and all price points. Making it even better for the buyer to make their space look unique and brilliant. Log onto integral to find your perfect or today.


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