Five Awesome Tips you can Consider when Building a Deck

You are probably looking to build a deck as an extension to your living room outdoors. However, before planning and building a deck, make sure you know some expert tips. This is a major project so you don’t want to get the most out of your investment. Read the tips below.

Know the Available Options for Decking Materials

These days, you can find many decking material choices. If you are into real deck lumber, redwood and pressure-treated cedar will not disappoint you. However, hardwoods are increasingly becoming the material choice for many. They are known for their durability and longevity. But, expect them to be more expensive than other wood types. If you want to use a different material for your deck, go for composite decking.

Think about Levels

Your deck doesn’t have to be the old-style bigger platform. You can choose to build at least two levels. This provides more space for your guests and offers a cozier place for relaxation. Having a second level can also break up the long flight of stairs you can usually expect from a lot of elevated decks.

Consider Putting Railings around the Deck

Deck design these days are taken to a new level with the introduction of deck railings. With options like vinyl, metal, glass and composites, wood railing alternatives can significantly affect how your deck will look. However, if you choose your deck to stay below a certain height, you may not need railings. For this, you can consider stairs which run a side of your deck’s width. Wide stairs offer a sophisticated transition into the seating and yard. A bulkhead material supplier may be able to give you more input on this one.

Play with Color Like a Pro

A lot of homeowners prefer to have the typical brown deck. However, you can find great choices of decking and stains that make it easy for you to complement your exterior no matter what the palette is. Picking the right shade ensures that you come up with a deck that looks like a natural extension of your home.

Think about the Amenities Carefully

You will want to have a relaxing deck to hang out. If you want to make the space a desirable one, have a sound system, lighting, fan and planters installed. But make sure you carefully make your choices. Consider them while planning your deck rather than just force them in when your deck is done.


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