Few major things to think before buying a new bed

If you want to replace your old bed and bring in a new one and if you are considering queen size beds here are few facts that you might want to keep in mind if you don’t want to get into any trouble once you have purchased the bed.

Know your space

This particular type of bed is at least 153 cm wide and 203 cm long. If that’s given in inches it will be around 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. So before you go into buying such a bed first measure the room space you have.

To do it take a measuring tape and simply measure the length and width of your room and ask yourself how much of that space are you willing to sacrifice for your bed. If it looks too small to fit such a bed consider in buying a smaller one. If you have enough room for the bed and still have space leftover for other essential pieces of furniture like a wardrobe, night stand and a dressing table then go for it.

How many will be using it?

These types of beds offer a lot of relaxing space if it’s for one person. If two of them are going to use it it will give only 30 inches for one person. And in most cases since the whole family of 4 is planning to sleep there that might be 60 divided by 4 which is 15 inches. Ask yourself whether you will be comfortable in such a space. If not and if you have more room space you might want to go for a king sized bed.

Ease of access to your room

These beds are so large that it might be a little difficult to bring them in. And if you are living in an up stair house with a narrow curvy stairway then things might get worse. Because trying to manhandle such a thing would not only break the bed if it falls down but will also cause you injury. So before you bring in a huge bed like that find out whether there’s enough room to maneuver it; if not pick a model that can be dismantled.

Prices and payment plans

This is the final thing you will want to consider when buying a big bed. Almost all the beds are expensive but bigger ones tend to be more expensive. So before buying a new big bed find out about their prices and pick a dealer that offer easy payment plans so you will be able to pay easily.


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