Expensive Landscaping Mistakes You Need to Avoid from the Start

A beautiful garden is not just a nice addition to a property, but an important element that influences the value of that property by a substantial margin. A home that has a welcoming front yard and a functional back garden is more likely to be desired by potential buyers.

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Unfortunately, many homeowners still take the importance of their yards lightly. They end up making extremely common mistakes that are both expensive and difficult to fix. To help you avoid the same mistakes, here are expensive landscaping mistakes you need to avoid from the start.

One Giant Space

Having a big garden is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because there are so many things you can do to turn the space into a gorgeous landscape. That said, it is also trickier to design a big landscape without falling into some common mistakes.

The most common mistake you want to avoid when working with a big garden is turning it into one giant space. It is tempting to go down this route because one unified garden with fewer features is often easier (and cheaper) to create. What you don’t realize is that the money you save now will be absorbed by the higher costs of maintaining a unified garden in the long run.

Instead of using the space as one giant one, add zones and fully utilize the extra space you have to create an even more grandeur landscape. Adding elevated areas, using a different surface for the dining section, and even relying on different types of plants are all simple things you can do in this situation.

Working with the Wrong Landscaper

Another common and incredibly expensive mistake is hiring the wrong landscaping company. Any landscaping company can do the job, right? Well, not really. Some companies follow higher standards and actually care about the long-term life of the landscapes they create.

They advise you on plants that work well together – and the ones that don’t – along with ways to limit the maintenance costs of your garden in the long run.They will also work with the design you have and other visions you want to realize.

Take the time to learn how to hire right landscaper before you begin interviewing some of them for your project. Invest time at this stage so you don’t end up with a bad garden that is expensive to maintain.

Forgetting About Function

A garden must be both beautiful and functional. I know a lot of homeowners love to keep their gardens completely furniture-free – especially when the garden itself isn’t too big – but you are missing out on opportunities to actually create the illusion of a bigger space while making it usable.

Adding a simple patio dining set or a set of garden chairs is a good start. Add them to the space and it won’t be long before you start enjoying sitting downin the garden for a cup of coffee. No furniture is an approach you can take but adding functional things to the garden will bring you more benefits and add higher value to the property.


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