Everything you Need to Know about House removals, Plus a Little More

Moving house can be a very traumatic experience at the best of times, and many home owners dread the day when it is time to pack up all their worldly possessions and transport them to a new home. For the uneducated person, it might seem that all you need is a big lorry and a bunch of strong, young men to do the lifting, yet in actual fact, there is a lot involved in successfully carrying out a relocation project.


Of course, once you are certain the move is going to take place, you should begin to create your plan of action. This would involve setting a provisional moving date, which would need to be confirmed at a later date, and if you are unable to carry out the move on the same day, you will need some secure storage space for a period of time. Then there is deciding what goes and what stays, as this is an ideal time to clear out the junk that the family has accumulated over the years, and this should be done prior to calling in a remover for a quote. Ideally, you should make a comprehensive list of everything that you plan to take to your new abode.

Sourcing the right Removal Company

Longevity is the key word here, and any business that is older than 5 years would have a solid reputation in the industry. If you are based in East Anglia, Arrowpak are the obvious choice, and being a member of the British Association of Removers, satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed. The ideal company would have storage space and can implement a relocation to any country in the world, and with all the right packing materials and experienced removal men, the experience will not be stressful and you will soon be living in your dream home.


The new home needs to be spring cleaned, whether it is new or used, and this can be done by the family in a single weekend, and then the house will be ready for your possessions. The old home should also be cleaned, as it is not nice to leave anything behind, and the new owners will surely appreciate it. The utilities need to be connected up and ready to go prior to your arrival, and it is a good idea to call up the various companies a few days before, just to confirm.


The key to a successful move lies firmly with the packing, and if you are not keen on carrying it out, the removal company will handle all the packing, as long as they have clear instructions on what items are actually going.  If you’d rather pack yourself, they would supply you with all the materials you need, and either way, the move can go ahead without the fear of forgetting anything.

The above points should help you when the big day comes, and remember to remain calm, as you and your possessions are in very good hands.



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