Everything Basic You Need To Know About Pressure Treated Lumber


What is pressure treated lumber?

Pressure Treated Lumber is a kind of wood that has went through the process to make it more stable so that it is not subjected to rotting, termites or fungus. Pressure Treated Lumber is put to use for a plethora of applications like outdoor decking, utility poles, bridges, to docks. Pressure Treated Lumber is the ideal choice for outdoor carpentry projects like decks, tree houses, garages and sheds.


What is involved in Pressure treating process?

The process involved in pressure treating wood is quite straightforward. Firstly, a huge amount of wood is treated with a number of chemical preservatives. Secondly, this wood is then transferred to a huge cylindrical chamber known as a retort. The door on one end is meant to be sealed airtight. Then, the waterborne chemicals are then forcibly immersed into the wood under pressure. The chemicals are forced into the wood by the pressure which then becomes a barrier against termites and decay. Pressure Treated Lumber has a lifespan of up to 40 years.

Does Pressure Treated Lumberhelps in preventing water damage?

No, Pressure Treated Lumber does not help in keeping the water damage at bay. It also shields against the termites and decay. Some Pressure Treated Lumber is available which includes a pre-built-in water repellent. It carries a mark which signifies that the wood is water repellent or not. If it is, then it still needs to be checked for cracking and warping and does not keep the water related damage at bay. To help preventing the water damage, apply water repellent on the deck, at least once a year.


Other advantages of Pressure Treated Lumber

  • It is highly durable in nature.
  • It is quite easy to work with.
  • It is easily available in most of the lumber yards.
  • It is inexpensive when it comes to costs.


It has come into consideration that more than 80 percent of households in various countries are entirely or partly built with preserved wood. The utilization of Pressure Treated Lumber is usually done for posts, beams, and joists the reason being its structural robustness and capability to tolerate deterioration when in contact with the ground. Consult a carpenter about how to use Pressure Treated Lumber for your next carpentry project.

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