Different Duvet Covers with Current Trends and Colour that Can Decor your Room

Duvets are soft flat bags that are filled with synthetic alternatives, feather, wool, silk or down. However, what’s more important is the duvet cover that keeps comforters last longer. Duvets are secured with a changeable cover that is washable. They can be washed as many times as bed sheets, hence people use it often. These covers can be designers or ordinary depending upon your style and preferences.

There are few things that are considered while selecting duvet covers –

  • Style depends upon an individual’s personality. Whether the person likes feminine look with floral and bright colours or a simple soothing and pastel shade.
  • Material also plays an important role, because the texture of fibre judges the quality of cover. Cotton is considered the most comfortable fibre and the number of thread cunts on one cover determines the fabric and material quality.
  • The type of weaving also is considered while choosing a cover. Tight weaving is durable like cotton, but sateen has soft and silky feeling and can be less sturdy.

There are variants in fabric and material, but cotton is considered the most comfortable and long-lasting fabric. Other synthetic material holds heat inside the cover which can lead to sweating at night. This can become uncomfortable in summer. Thus, always use fabric that is comfortable and can regulate air through it. Whether it is double queen king size bed, each have their different pattern available in the market.

Here are different kinds of duvet covers available in the market –

  • A Savoy duvet cover that is of 400 thread count is considered the fanciest item as of now. Made of Egyptian cotton, it has buttons to help remove and fit in duvets comfortably.
  • Anti-allergic linen fabrics that come in one colour shade are just eye catching. They are soft fabric which is also easily washed.
  • A combination of cotton and sateen fabric not only gives it a comfortable feeling, but also a glossier look. Buying it from a renowned store will give you a premium quality.
  • Portuguese cotton covered with yellow duvet cover with prism design and yellow in colour brightens your room to the fullest. The advantage of buying it is that you can reverse it to use it both ways.
  • Pima cotton that is sourced from California is 45 percent stronger than ordinary cotton. With tight weave, this longest cotton fibre is comfortable and durable.
  • If you want a luxury look in your bedroom like five-star hotels, then go for 400 thread count duvet covers. They not only look luxurious, but are also soft and comfortable.
  • Duvet covers made of mulberry silk are light weight. They keep your body cool and control your body heat at night, also work wonders for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Egyptian cotton with 400 thread count is quite expensive, but there is 230 thread counts cover that is quite reasonable and durable. With different shades and colour this cover is non-iron and can be reversed to reuse it.
  • If you like to keep your house trendy yet with classic look, then go for the retro pattern duvet covers that are 100% cotton with 200 thread counts.
  • Bedroom should be calm and soothing to eyes, not every time bright colours make you feel good. Thus, soft colours with light stripes or pastel shades are much in demand.
  • Herringbone jacquard texture is quite in demand as it is considered unisex patterns if available in modern navy pattern.
  •  If you still are looking for quite an exclusive design in affordable price, then you can go with fabric which is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They might not be very good in regulating body heat at night, but are fancy, colourful and available in chic designs.

There may be lot many patterns and style which are available in market and you might find them attractive as per your requirement. Don’t always go for style, but do look into the fabric as well. It may be possible that it is over your budget; in that case, search online and surely, you’ll get best deal during the season.


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