Designing and Protecting your Home Interiors with Blinds and Shades

Shades and blinds are alternative options for curtains when it comes to providing you with privacy and allowing you to balance the entry of light from the outside. These treatments are also necessary in enhancing the look of your house while also maintaining the comfort and style you wish to have. You might want to choose a venetian blind or Rullakaihtimet to add a pinch of modern styling into your house. Installing these can be easy but before you kick start the venture, here are a few things you need to know:

Difference between Shades and Blinds

Generally, people just consider both as either shade or blind especially that they are different from curtains and drapes. However, if you look closely, you can realize that:

  • Blinds are known as hard window treatments which are made from various materials like wood, natural fabrics, faux wood, vinyl and aluminum.
  • Shades are considered soft window treatments which are created with different styles like black out, shell, roman and honeycomb.
  • Blinds are made with slats that are either positioned vertically or horizontally. In the case of Rullakaihtimet, the slats are attached on both sides allowing you to create an impression that your small living space has big and wide windows.
  • Shades are generally installed with pull-chord mechanism which limits the movement to raising and lowering.


Types of Blinds

This article generally categorizes the blinds according to the material in which they are made of and style and mechanism by which they can be used:

  • Aluminum blinds – these offer an elegant look and are durable because they are made with six and eight gauge of aluminum.
  • Vertical blinds – these are installed with the slats attached vertically from the top and are opened and closed to and from the sides. Tall and wide windows are usually treated with vertical slats that provide the best way of controlling light from the outside. In most homes, vertical slats are opted for glass sliding doors.
  • Wood blinds – these are alternative to the traditional shutters. Wood blinds are chosen by people who want to achieve inviting warm look towards the house’s interiors. Slats made from bamboo are a common choice because they easily suit any generic décor, eco-friendly and provide an earthy vibe.
  • Faux wood – these are more resistant and durable as compared to the real wood. This blind is opted especially in areas with high levels of humidity. The bathroom, kitchen and the garage are often decorated with blinds made from faux wood.

Types of Shades

  • Blackout shades are chosen by those who want a total hindrance from wind and light coming from the outside.
  • Roman shades – these are also known as the roman blinds which are bought because of the sleek design and tailored look. They are easy to install and they have wide pleats to be conveniently pulled up or down.
  • Honeycomb – shades of this type are available in triple cells, double cells and singles cells. The cells have the ability to control the insulation inside the house.

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