Clogged Drain Repair – The Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Homeowners could fall prey to the common plumbing mistakes, which will not only consume your time, but money too. There are several problems the homeowners could address on their own without calling the professionals for help. However, a single mistake while fixing the tap or water connection may cost them thousands of bucks.

 Learn these tips to avoid silly mistakes.

Choosing the correct size of pipe

You could manage to replace a leaky wash basin or sink pipe easily. However, most of you buy pipe of the wrong size while replacing it. It will cause water leakage and other problems. Besides this, you must ensure that you never connect the galvanized metal directly to the copper.

Else it will corrode and spoil. In order to get a solid fit, you must buy a pipe sealant and a proper connector. The pipe might seem tight at first appearance, but that surely does not mean that they will hold water. It is better to double check the pipes before you purchase them.


Things to be taken care of while choosing the drain cleaners

The commercial drain cleaners are useful to clean dirt, clogs and the residue built up. However, excessive usage of these products would damage the drains. The harsh chemicals and other compounds present in these products will break solid waste and scour pipes. They will slowly eat the interiors of both PVC pipes and metal pipes.

Hence, it is better to avoid using harsh products. Instead, you could use the ecofriendly items like the solution of baking soda, vinegar and the boiling water to clean drains. Besides this, it is beneficial to use the pipe snake to clean them. Besides being careful to use the right cleaner you must know where to use it. Your kitchen and bathrooms could tolerate the harsh chemicals of the commercial products.

However, they could damage the toilets. Similarly, choose the mild cleansing agent to clean the washing machine pipe. If the product causes holes in the pipes, it would result in the serious water damage. In order to avoid such situations you must read the labels mentioned on the product carefully before using them.

Different qualities of pipes are available in the market depending on the material used. Never compromise on the quality by choosing cheaper products. By choosing quality materials, you can ensure that the problems do not keep recurring again and again. Make sure you contact professionals to do the clogged drain repair if you are unable to locate the source.

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Jose Schulze works with one of Toronto’s best drain cleaning companies, and they use advanced technologies to detect issues like broken or blocked drains. You could contact them for clogged drain repair at your homes by visiting their website.


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