Check These Four Tips to Compare Local Movers

Movers can be extremely useful for shifting homes. As a customer, you are probably interested in saving some money by opting for a lower quote, but with movers and similar services, this kind of approach doesn’t work. You are entrusting a company with your belongings and personal goods, and it’s important to consider certain important aspects. Here are 4 things for sorting movers in San Fernando Valley.

Start with the basics

Talk to your friends and neighbors to find the services they have tried. References are tremendously handy for new customers, and you can save the time spent on finding companies online. If you don’t have many references, you can always check on the internet, but do consider the reviews and ratings before selecting a few. Try to make a list of four to five movers, before you start calling for assistance and estimates.

Ask relevant questions

Is the company licensed? Are the handlers and professionals bonded and insured? Do you have insurance for general damages? Will you offer an estimate in advance? These are just some of the basic questions that you should ask in the first place. If you have time, pay a visit to their office and ask other queries related to their services.

Watch for red flags

If a company offers a quote without checking your stuff and goods, you have reasons to be cautious. Professional services and movers will send their experts, who will check everything before providing a quote or estimate. Are the executives confused with your questions? Is the company seeking an advance payment? Did the executives come up in a rental van instead of a private one? In case of any such circumstance, look for other movers.

Check the service contract

The terms and conditions of the service contract is high important. Even if you are pleased with the estimate, don’t sign the papers before you have read every single line. Keep in mind that the estimate is not always final. You can try to negotiate on the price, but it is always better to pay for a known and reliable service, instead of one that thrives on big offers and discounts. If required, ask the company to give a few local client references, so that you can verify their service claims.

With a good mover, you can reduce many hassles related to shifting. Just take your time to choose one that fits your needs!


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