Bedroom Organization Tips

Depending on how frequently you’re in your bedroom, it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to organize everything in your room. It can feel particularly difficult when you don’t have a lot of specific locations for particular items. And in some cases, after you’ve put everything away, you can still be left feeling like your room isn’t as clean as you want it to be.

In reality, there are a few more aspects to organizing your bedroom than simply putting things away, and once you’ve had a look through this guide, you’re sure to leave your room surprised at how clean it will now feel!

Created Organized Areas

Sometimes, the hardest part of organizing your room can be finding the right place to leave miscellaneous items. If you don’t have a particular place to put your books, games, or even some of your clothes, it’s worth considering getting pieces of furniture that can help to give your room more storage space.

If you need to find additional space for clothes that haven’t found their rightful place in your room yet, it’s a good idea to get a piece of furniture with drawers—whether that’s a medium or small-sized dresser, or a bedside table with drawers or tiers.

If the dresser feels like it might take up too much space, maybe a tiered cart is a better idea for your room—its small size allows it to fit in to places that take up much less space, while its tiers allow for versatile use of storage space. In the same vein, a movable cubby may be a good investment for those looking for more storage space than a cart, but looking to take up less horizontal space than a dresser.

Furthermore, for those who want a small, subtle, and sleek place to leave items you take off or use before bed (e.g., phone, glasses, TV remote), it may be worth considering getting a bedside caddy. In a lot of cases, finding the right storage furniture can be the important step in making your room not only feel clean, but stay feeling clean in the long term.

Get Rid of Unwanted/Excess Items

One of the biggest contributors to clutter and feelings of disorganization is allowing items to build up over time that you no longer need or want. It can be easy to obtain items and forget about them after a while, and just as easy to leave them in places that take up space and prevent you from using that space more efficiently.

Make sure to go through different drawers, dressers, closets, and anything else to find the items that you no longer need or want and store them in boxes or bags that can be given away afterwards. In a lot of cases, random clothing items and miscellaneous products can take up much more space than you may immediately notice, and once you’ve gone through your room to clear out these items, you’ll have much more free space for disorganized items!

It can be hard to let go of some items that you may no longer want or need, particularly when they have a strong emotional value or association. If this is the case, remove clutter and unnecessary items from your room and place them in an area in your house that’s more appropriate for storing boxes or bags. That way, you won’t feel like your room is dirty or disorganized, and you’ll still have those items and don’t have to worry about losing them or giving them away.

Plan Organization in Advance

Organizing your room can feel more overwhelming when you’re not sure of what order to organize items in, and of how those items could be organized cohesively. That’s why it’s important to get a good idea of how you’re going to organize your room so that the process can go more smoothly and leave your room feeling and looking as clean as possible.

Make sure that you figure out the designated area for shirts and sweaters, and fold them appropriately for their respective locations. Decide whether you’ll choose to place sweaters in a cubby, a dresser, or another spot you store your clothes.

When figuring out how you’re going to organize clothes that need to be hung, make sure to figure out the best way for you to group different types of clothes. For some people, that may be color coordination, and in other cases, it may be grouping different articles of clothing together—coats and jackets grouped together in one section, and dress shirts/dresses grouped in another.

For those who color coordinate, if you have a particular color scheme for the room, why not make the organizing activity fun and find great bed sheets that match the room’s tone? It’s all about finding new ways to make organizing feel less like a chore and more like a hobby.

Make Use of Free or Unoccupied Space

When we get accustomed to organising our room in a particular way, it can be difficult to think of other ways to use space that has been left open or empty. Some of these spaces can prove to be extremely useful if you have larger items that you’re trying to find space for.

For example, using the space beneath the bed is a good way to find space for that extra suitcase you need out of sight, or baskets filled with miscellaneous items. It’s very important that you make sure you have the best mattress for you (relative to whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper), but equally important that you find multiple uses for your bed (e.g., finding storage space beneath or in front of it).

In addition, it’s good to find baskets or a chest that can be used at the bottom/foot of the bed, so that you make use of the space and have a footboard storage. It’s definitely not the most commonly seen, and can add an interesting and appealing touch to the layout and style of the room depending on your interior decor and choice of styling.

Even though we like to use the bedside table for items we take off or put on before and after sleep, it’s good to make use of areas such as the top of the dresser. Although they don’t usually come to mind as places to keep possessions, it can be the perfect place to lay down some neatly organized electronics or jewelry.

Overall, as long as you’re able to find enough space in your room, you’ll be able to add new furniture pieces for storage, remove unnecessary items and clutter, and to make better use of spaces that you haven’t been using before.

Organizing one’s room can feel like a chaotic task, but once you’ve laid out a plan and made enough space for everything in your room, you’ll leave your room feeling like it was as clean as when you first moved into it. Have fun cleaning and organizing, and here’s to keeping your room cleaner than ever!


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