What Should You Ask Your Home Painters?

Painting seems much simpler than it really is. For one, the painters have to know how the paint will react to different circumstances. If they are trying to paint a house in the winter, the paint will react differently than it will during the summer. During the summer, paint is very liquid and very thin; it does not cure very quickly and does not dry very quickly. During the winter, the paint is much thicker. Also, it can actually dry too quickly. If it dries too quickly, it won’t go through the full curing process. There are times when it is best to paint; there are also ways to modify the paint to be more amenable to different temperatures. The painter will know that. There are other complexities to home painting that you need ask about.

What Colour Is Best for Climate Control?

When you’re choosing a colour for your home, you are likely thinking about what will fit with your decor and what you think will look best. You should also consider the functionality of the colour as well. Light colours tend to reflect sunlight; they make your home look brighter on the outside and also keep your home cooler during the summer.

They also do not absorb as much sunlight as dark colours. This might seem like a small thing, but over the course of an entire day, that can greatly affect the temperature of your walls. That will, in turn, affect the temperature of your house. Dark colours, however, will do the opposite. They will absorb sunlight and hold onto heat better. If you want to use different colours on different parts of your house, you could even do that. Perth painters and decorators will be able to advise you on many different options that are available.

Should You Paint the Ceiling?

There is a lot of debate over painting a ceiling. Some people feel that painting a ceiling is an unnecessary hassle. Others find that it helps make a room feel complete. There are some benefits to it. In the southern United States, for example, it is common to find patio and porch roofs painted sky blue. The patio and porch roofs are painted light blue to reflect the sky and make the patio seem larger. Research has found that the mere addition of the sky blue ceiling can actually help lift your mood.

During the winter, the sun goes down earlier and earlier each day. That means you have to try to replicate that sunlight if you can. Painting your ceiling is one way to do that. Also, it is very common to paint the ceiling of a child’s room since babies spend so much time looking up at their ceilings.


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