Architectural Lighting Can Enhance a Home or Business

The fact of architectural lighting is something that we are not often aware of, although it does strike us when we see a beautiful home that stands out from the rest. Often imposing in presence, the addition of lights to the outside of a business, hotel or home often creates a stunning appearance that immediately strikes the viewer.

What isĀ Architectural Lighting?

It is lighting that works with the architecture to subtly enhance the space, making a statement that is cohesive. This type of lighting is often used for enhancement of:

  • Homes
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Historic houses
  • Landscaping
  • Pools


Creating curb appeal is something you have probably thought of when it comes to selling a home. The right lighting for a landscape or property adds the “wow” factor to a home even before a potential buyer enters it. The design of the lighting is customized for the house and can call attention to its best features. Moreover, when you live in a house that is lighted from the outside, it’s a pleasure to come home. Another added benefit is that safety can be added if the home is well lighted; this is in addition to making it more beautiful and imposing.

Resorts and Hotels

Lighting can make the hotel or resort inviting to guests as well as making the property easier to find when first arriving. You probably would want to stay as well as return to at a hotel that welcomes you with a gorgeous first impression.

Pools and Landscaping

Illumination of a swimming pool that has a cascading waterfall or fabulous rock features is a stunning idea when it comes to entertaining. Having gone through the process of making a beautiful pool area, a homeowner must then show it off with the right lighting. Shrubs and plants around a home or a pool area can also benefit from lighting that compliments and works with the design and is not the major focus.

Historic Houses

Have you ever driven by a historic house or building at night that pops out, is easy to find and is memorable for its appearance? This is because the lighting has enhanced the historic architectural features and the beauty of the building. The lighting works with the architecture to enhance it, not overpower it, if it is designed correctly.

The right lighting of a home, landscape, pool or building can be done to make it an outstanding presence. Lighting calls attention to beauty that is already there, while adding its own beauty and magical transformation.


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