Apartment or Home, Expert Tips on Choosing What’s Right for You

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of which is better, Apartment or Home. At every point in our lives, one or more of the above would be ideal for us, today we will look into whether an apartment or a home is suitable for your current situation.

The argument for or against apartments and homes is a very complex one, and it depends on a lot of factors, and after all, is said and done it boils down to your personal preferences.

Below, are a few pros and cons of Apartments and Homes


An apartment is a suite of rooms forming a single residence; they range anywhere from one-room residences to multi-storeyed, multi-room suites.

Advantages of Apartments

  • More amenities. High-end apartment complexes usually feature communal swimming pools, fitness areas, elevators for easy access and depending on what floor you reside in, great views of your city.
  • Security, when it comes down to it, apartment complexes are a better choice when it comes to safety. A lot of apartment buildings feature secure main entrances and designated security personnel.
  • Apartment spaces are more flexible; they come in more shapes and sizes when compared to single homes, they are ideal for those of us living in or around commercial, educational and financial hotspots in major cities.

Disadvantages of Apartments

  • Apartments are notorious for lacking space; many have argued that this is the most obvious downside with apartments. Apartments are considerably smaller than homes, and it’ll take some ingenuity and proper space management to get the most out of your apartment.
  • Apartments are also not ideal for pet owners, a lot of apartment complexes have anti-pet rules in place. When it comes to apartments that do allow pets, space is a significant problem. Dogs need more space to run and move, so a tiny apartment located multiple stories above your city, does not offer that.


Single, detached or semi-detached stand-alone homes are great for families living away from cities in suburban areas.

Advantages of Homes

  • Homes offer residents a lot more space when compared to apartments. Homes usually include multiple rooms and outdoor spaces.
  • Parking your vehicle is easier in houses as a lot of them feature garages, convenient street parking, or parking spaces.
  • In homes, you will enjoy a lot more privacy when compared to apartments; the absence of noisy and nosey neighbours from the building across the hall will provide you with more privacy and freedom.

Disadvantages of Homes

  • They are more expensive to maintain. All repairs and maintenance on the building inside and out are your responsibility. This is a  job that can be ongoing and expensive.
  • Single-family homes usually offer fewer amenities than apartments. One of the most attractive reasons to live in an apartment building is the amenities provided to residents.

Home or Apartment?

No matter whether you choose to live in an apartment or a home, one thing is constant; you need somewhere to live. One thing that prospective homeowners and renters fail to do is to have the structure they are purchasing or leasing inspected by professionals.

If you live in Newcastle or you’re considering moving, you can have your new building inspected for pests and structural damages by a locally owned and operated property inspection service. This is essential before purchasing your new home.


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