An exciting selection of lamps from Louis Poulsen

At you can find a huge range of designer lamps from Louis Poulsen, that include different colors and designs.

Do you need a new lamp for your bedroom, livingroom or maybe for the office? Choose from Louis Poulsen’s many different collections at to find the right lamp for your room. It is possible to find both designs from Louis Poulsen in floor- and standard lamps, lamps for the table or the wall and pendants and outdoor lamps.

Some of the most well-known models, that you can find on, is AJ Table, PH 2/1, PH 3/2 and PH 5 Pendant. Maybe one of the most popular models are the PH 2/1, that has the three shades system, which is created by another Danish designer Poul Henningsen back in 1926. The three system is made to create glare-free light that can be directed where it is needed and create soft shadows. When hanging from the ceiling, the PH 2/1 lamp emits a downward-facing light.

The lamps from Louis Poulsen are all in timeless designs, that are created to have a long lifespan in both design and technicality, which is the reason why, the lamps are known for their exclusivity and quality.

Choose your own design

It is not only the traditional colors as black and white that feature the lamps from Louis Poulsen, both also a wide range of different colors mixed in different designs is available at Choose between PH Artichoke, PH 5 Pendant or PH 80 that comes with a dash of copper. But lamps from Louis Poulsen’s many collections, also comes in purple, green, yellow and for example orange.

Many different designers have over the years worked with the popular Danish designer brand. It is designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Ross Lovegrove, Shoichi Uchiyama and at the latest Louise Campbell, that has created the colorful and organic Collage lamp, that is very innovative and modern in its design.  The three different lamps, which Louis Campbell has designed is also available at


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