3 Reasons to Move Up North

Of the ten places that made 2018’s US News ranking of America’s best states, seven of them belong to the North. The list features Vermont, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Missouri, with Iowa topping out the list. With some of the best places to live, learn and gain invaluable new experiences, there are a range of great benefits to making your next move to a state in the North.

When you’re planning your next change of pace, here are three reasons to consider making your move up North — reasons that are well worth the loss of your local Whataburger, we promise.

Experience all four seasons

As beautiful as days are in the southern sun, there is really something special about the golds and reds of falling leaves on a mild fall day, or the chilly magic of the first snowfall in winter. If the change in weather gets you down, drop into your local healthcare center in Norwalk, CT, with the knowledge that the world-class services of New York-Presbyterian hospital are nearby, should you ever need them.

Whether you are renting your dream apartment in New York City, or planning a family move for work, the perfect resources are never far from reach. New Jersey is the home of some of the biggest trade and industrial operations in the country. Whether you’re looking for a full home renovation, or door installation in New Jersey, there are always a range of businesses to suit your situation, that are never far from your front door.

Advance your education

Another great advantage to making your move up North is that you will be surrounded by some of the best universities and colleges in the US. In another US News article about the ‘Best of’ the US, eight of the top ten states for education in America are northern institutions. This year’s best states for education include North Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, Iowa, New Hampshire, Utah, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

As if there weren’t enough awards and accolades to mention, eight of the top ten best colleges that reached Forbes’ 2018 list of America’s Top Colleges were in the North. The list featured:

  • First Place: Harvard Cambridge, MA
  • Second Place: Yale, CT
  • Fourth Place: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
  • Fifth Place: Princeton, NJ
  • Seventh Place: The University of Pennsylvania, PA
  • Eighth Place: Brown, RI
  • Ninth Place: Dartmouth, NH

However, not all of us are chasing a place in the Ivy League, and the North has a range of top-tier educational options for adults, including online accredited liberal arts degree programs, and further learning initiatives in a range of disciplines.

Take in the sights

The US offers an abundant range of manmade and natural wonders that are a sight to behold for visitors both old and new. Another great part of venturing up North – no matter how demanding the 3,000-mile venture may be – is the array of new locations and landmarks that you may not have had the chance to see, awaiting you in your own backyard.

Once you’ve made the distance, take some time to venture to South Dakota, and explore the national treasures of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, or Badlands National Park. It would be remiss, also, to forget the “city that never sleeps,” New York City. NYC’s famous streets are filled with priceless opportunities to spend a few days of time seeing iconic buildings like the Empire State Building, or Rockefeller Plaza, or to catch your favorite musical show on Broadway.


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