3 Reasons to Choose a Pivoting or Hinged Shower Door

Choosing the right shower door can often be a task fraught with difficulty, mainly with the different types and varieties available. Would it be a better option to opt for a sliding door or perhaps go for a more open look and feel, and rid yourself of it completely by going for a modern walk-in shower? You will undoubtedly also come across the issue of the most cost-effective approach too. One of the most popular kinds that many homeowners still choose is the pivoting or hinge type of door. It boasts the luxury look without the hefty price. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider choosing it too.

  1. Safety is paramount

We all want our bathrooms to not just be functional but to be absolutely safe for everyone to use as well. By design, pivoting or hinged shower doors are usually versatile regardless of whether they are in framed or frameless forms. Add to that the durability and glass thickness, and you minimise the risks of an accident. This can become especially important for those who may be disabled or suffer from mobility issues.

  1. Luxury redefined

As conventional and traditional as pivot shower doors are, they certainly aren’t lacking when compared to their modern counterparts. There is a staggering array of different design options that can no doubt fit any theme that your bathroom has, and you can even go the extra mile and opt for a thicker frame or glass if you deem it necessary or if the budget allows for it. There are even some designs that allow for different shades of transparency for the glass, and different finishes for the frames. For those who want luxury without the high expenditure associated with it, you can do no better than this.

  1. Adaptability and versatility

The base surface can often be a talking point when choosing a shower door but with a pivoting variant, it essentially becomes a nonissue. They can generally be set on almost any kind of base, no matter what kind of material is used. From marble to tile and even acrylic, you’ll most likely have no issues with its installation. And, it’s sure to fit budgets of any kind.

With the amount of options available as well as the reasonable costs associated with a pivot shower door, there’s hardly any reason to go for another type. With that being said, there are still certain things to consider. Since the doors open outward, larger bathrooms will be much more accommodating than smaller ones. However, with the correct dimensions, even a smaller space cam acommodate a pivot shower door.

Image: www.jtspas.co.uk


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